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Firstly we were asked to sit in the reporting room den we were given a blank white paper in which we had to write the details like nodal bank, declaration, documents attached,name, sign, date  we then arranged all the documents along with application form, call letter and that white hand written declaration page. After that we were asked go for biometric and verification and all the process was on first come basis there was no roll number wise method. And i didnt had any problem with document verification but some had problems like change in name, interchange of father's and mother's age. But it was not a big issue they were very co-operative. And the documents required were
1) id proof
2)dob proof
3)graduation marksheets and degree certificate
4) caste certificate
And other if required documents 
Panel consist of 1 female and 3 male.
Interview place:-Auranagabad,Maharashtra

Tell me about yourself, your family,your hobbies.
Hobby related questions (photography-for what purpose photoshop used)
What is the reason behind Farmer 's suicide?
What types of loan provided to farmers?
What is micro-finance?
What is mostly grown in your district area?
Sectors of rrb to whom loan is provided?
Functions of RBI,Governor?

Salem arun
Sir today my interview is over.......

1) on what basis bank has been merged
2)working capital na ena
3)msme and how are the classified
4)name some of the small industries in your area
5)one ques from cricket about D/L method
6)about nominations and who can nominate
7)mudra and its types 
8)kyc and why it is done

Why farmers are getting less price for their Products
Negotiable instruments
How many members loksabha and rajya sabha
Speaker of loksabha
Women minister of india
Since today is men's day one of the panel asked why should we celebrate men's day or womens day
shik bharti from indore
Interview today 8:30 am
Tell about yourself
SBI and bank of India me difference
Why banking?
What is semiconductor?
Who is the tribal minister of India?
Rrb capital structure?
Function of RBI?
Jandhan account?
Answered all the questions with confidence
But they were not seemed convinced in 1-2 question
Sir i have answered all the question with confidence and smile..
And rest part of interview was nice I answered all the questions with confidence and smile.
My interview was at Aryavart bank in Lucknow in the afternoon shift .
There were 4+1 members .
The questions asked were general  like
1 where do u come from?
2what ur father does?
3 what problems people face in rural areas and as a manager how will u solve them?
4 how much land do u have and what type of crops do u grow?
5 differentiate between Debit and credit card.
6 what is Rupay card.
7 tell us about some gov schemes launched  for farmers. 
8 why do  u want to join rrb as po .
9 what have u been doing since 2017 (as I had done my graduation in 2017).
It went around 8 to 10 minutes they were quite satisfied and wished me best of luck .
Remark: dear sir ur timely  guidance has helped me in cwc interview and in Rrb po as well
Thanks a lot for ur selfless efforts and dedication. I pray almighty to bless u with good health and happiness so that the ignorant children like us can always remain  beneath the shadow of your valuable wisdom and experience. 


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