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Tell me about yourself?
Tell about LIC?
Difference between LIC and banking?
Like LIC investment what are the other investments?
Recently modi introduce scheme for farmers,?

Dear sir 
I am from AndhraPradesh Kadapa division
My interview completed successfully whatever you asked me through phone same questions they asked me sir .i am very thankful to you sir for your passion towards guiding us through interview.
My interview questions 
1 when did lic established
2 what is irdai
3 what is insurance
4 what is your weakness
5 how lic useful other than risk coverage
6 what are lic products
7what is the full form of rrb in banking
8 how many policies are there what are they
9 what is your aim & goal
10 what about your family and how can you sale policies
11 role of ado
12 who is 1st pm of india
Who is present finance minister
13 tell me something about fluid mechanics related to subject
 That's it sir.
First of all they ask me about myself
- then they ask about current affairs like who is going to be the next cji, current governor of ladakh,
- 4 p's of marketing
-why u want to join ado
- how u motivate or recruit agents
-what your parents do
- about LIC like chairman, headquarter
-if year gap is there then why
- compare between AAO And ADO
-how many type of exams LIC conduct
-and some political questions
- some mythological questions
Like Abhimanyu mothers name


Give me one ans, I have done and in abst, so they can ask why you did not opt for CA, good ans pleas

Sir I have interview today at Delhi lic Jeewan prakash building
Committee 2
Started at 7:40 pm
I entered the room by asking may i come in
After that the panel offered me seat
Asked about my dad's corporation (as he is in public sector insurance Co)
Then they asked role of ADO
How will you manage as a girl
They gave me some case study types question like if the policyholder ask you to come at his place at 11pn
Some college projects of field work including
Interview lasted till 7:50pm

How to recruit the agents
How to sell policy to uneducated people
Difference between marketing and sales
Difference between job and work
Human values and professional ethics
Agents motivation
ADO Job profile
Are you ready to work in a backward area
Have you written any other recruitment exams.
Have you taken any life policy?
Do you like this job involving sales?
I entered the room by asking may i come in
After that the panel offered me seat
Asked about my dad's corporation (as he is in public sector insurance Co)
Then they asked role of ADO
How will you manage as a girl
They gave me some case study types question like if the policyholder ask you to come at his place at 11pn
Some college projects of field work including
Interview lasted till 7:50pm
.Tell me something about your city?
2.What is lic and why you want to join lic?
3.How much profit earned by Lic this year?
4.I have 6 years of gap so they asked what you did in this year's except of studying?
5.Tell me some lic plan and explain it?
6.Previous company job role and responsibility?
7.They gave me a biscuit packet and ask me to sell it.
8.What is the job role in Ado?
9.How will you recruit and motivate agents?
10.If you get some another big job then will you quit LIC?
11They asked some general knowledge like why your city is famous for and who recently awarded padmashree from your state?


Athira Mohan Kurup 
4:29 AM (2 hours ago)
to me
Hi Sir,
My name is Athira Mohan Kurup, i had given ur mock interview i think on 16th.
Sir i was having my interview on 1st November morning slot at Nagpur divisional office. I had to face a 3 member panel(no female member). I think sir my interview lasted for 15-20mins. As i was the last candidate(but not the last of my batch) before their lunch break so they were in a bit hurry. They didnt even allow me to settle down n before that they asked my name n dat am i doing my mcom, from which college,whether I am a regular student... N where i am basically from.... N all. Then the sir asked me the subjects i am having in my mcom semester 3... As soon as i told them the subjects they asked me what income tax is, n to tell deductions applicable u/s 80C n what is NPS n how much deduction is allowed (this i wasn't knowing... N the sir explained me the same ). Then they asked me about my family n as my mom is a lic agent they asked me about her like which branch who is her development officer n are we still in touch with him n how many yrs has she been working n all. They asked me whether we were having some relative in lic it was bcoz of same surname( i answered no)Then they asked me the mission of lic, why lic n role of ADO. Full form of irdai, it mission,which year it was formed n what happened in 1999 that led to its establishment. Then they asked me that suppose i am posted somewhere other than Nagpur how am i going to recruit agents n that am i and my family comfortable with the idea of being posted somewhere else. Then they asked me to tell about any lic plan in brief. Then the sir asked whether I was having mercantile law as subject, i said no and in return answered that i was having company law. Then another sir asked whether I watch movies( i said yes) then he asked if i had watched Super 30( n my answer was no, so asked me the reason y n said it's a good movie). Then they asked wat is my mom's commission to which i answered that i dont know, they asked me why, it's a basic Q, i said that sir don't feel it's correct to ask her about that. 
As it was my first interview was a bit nervous as i entered but then i answered them confidently. It was a great experience n i do hope for the best.
Some Qs they asked like deferred period but before me answering the other sir would ask something just related to that
I don't know sir how it went n all. 
Thanks a lot Sir, for helping us n giving us an opportunity to give mock interview and reduce our fear. It was a great help 
Thanks a lot Sir  .

There are four panel members ( 3 men, 1 woman)
They are very friendly 
1. What is an insurance ? 
2. what is lic ? 
3. How lic company makes profits ? 
4. What is securities ?
5. Stock market ? 
6. Hobbies  cricket ( why India lost in world  cup semifinals)
7. Recent issue in Delhi (polluted area )
8. What is the state issue ? ( RTC THEY STRICKING TO MAKE AS GOVT )
9 Who IT minister in state ?( KTR )
10. What is an artificial intelligence?
How it is useful ?
11. What is embedded system?
12. Mahatma Gandhi slogan 
13 tell about your state ? 
14 what is the meaning of  your name? 
15 are you ready to work in any location?

Delhi division interview
1st Nov 10 am
Interview time : 4 pm
Interview duration : 5 mins

4 panel members 2 males + 2 females

No introduction
Direct Questions

1. Why are you coming to insurance
2. Ado roles and responsibilities
3. Why insurance coverage in India is low 
4. How can it be improved
5. Why should people choose insurance over fd
6. How would you recruit agents ( asked me as I'm from young generation and will recruit young people but how will you get work done)
New and interesting ways of recruiting agents
7. How would you retain agents.
8. Asked me to come with them and visit LIC stall and talk to people for 10 minutes and convince them to take policy ( i agreed but he didn't go)


Harshal bihade 
Fri, Nov 1, 11:48 PM (7 hours ago)
to me
Harshal Bihade
3 Male members panel(Amravati division)
1 brief Introduction
2 why don't u apply for higher education if u are 23 years only
3 Tell something about LIC
4 Helpline number for LIC 
5 Hobbies examples
6 How will u handle agents ur age is 23 only
7 Convince me to become agent

yes sir everything was very fine ! I answered properly !

1.So Why did you done and after joining why are you here ?
2.What is Lic , gic with examples ?
3.lic ,gic ,irdai (their chairman and Hq)
4.How much premium is exempted under 80c from tax deduction?
5.Eligibilties for being an agent ?
6.How will you recruit the agents ?
7.How will you able to find agents in hilly areas ? 
8.Have you applied for any other exams , how many results are awaiting ,which exams you have given in past ?
9.Why you haven't chosen software ,your core or teaching as your profession ?
10.If you get chance in any other govt.job will you go for it ?
11.Do you want to earn money as you know this job has lot of incentives ?

* There was one mam sitting over there who was making continuous  physiological test of the interview(as when I said It would an add up advantage of being a student ,then she said our agent don't know how to hold the mouse even and he do policies of crores ) so like this she continued to make such tests !

Sir everything was fine but I did one mistake as I have applied through different division .They said it would be difficult for you in making contacts and to know about the areas .Although I have convinced them but I personally think that I have done blunder  !Sir if I would get selected will they change my division if I meet the concerned authorities in of North Central zone (Hq- Kanpur ,UP)

Please let me know sir ! 

Regards !

For NOC, I had submitted declaration.

My interview was good.
They asked me questions on following topics:
1. Why LIC? 
2. Why ADO?
3. Job description
4. Nature of my current job
5. Am I ready to work in rural area
6. my family background
7. My plans after marriage
8. Why should I hire you?

Your YouTube video's are very helpful for us. 

Thanks you so much Sir for your support and guidance.

Yukti Jadhao 
2.Educational background 
3.What do you understand by Insurance? 
4.If you want to invest, how do  you invest? 
5.Types of financial instrument? 
6.Difference between Insurance and Mutual funds? 
7.Role of ADO? 
8. Do you work at any location? 
9.Some case study type question.... 
 A. Aap ek girl ho or night m 10 pm m  apko call aayega... Then how do you manage?? 
B. What do you prefer LIC ASSISTANT or LIC ADO?? 
C. What do you prefer LIC ADO or other pvt ADO ( when they give more salary) 
10.Hobbies ( kho-kho related questions) 
11.Story of ARUNIMA SINHA. 
12.DHING express girl? 
13.Beti Bachao beti padhao award 2019? 
14.Current affairs  
   A. Lieutenant governor of Ladakh? 
   B. RBI imposed penalty of 35 lakh on.           which bank? 
 15. Are you using fb( after that ask fb               related news )

My overall experience was good sir.. Your mock interview and your sessions are very helpful for me.. Thanks a lot sir...  ..

Provide blessings sir  .. 
I'm sharing the whole interview process that went by. 
My interview was on the 1st of November 2019, 10am.  The process started with getting all our photocopies verified and stamped. Then we are asked to go for the biometrics. After the biometrics is done, we are asked by the officials there to wait in the waiting lounge for our turn. Mine was 4th on the list.
At around 12:25 pm, my turn came, and it went for 15–20 minutes. 
Me to the panel of 4: May I come in Ma'am? (with a smile, and as my eyes met with the lady at first)
Lady: Yes please be seated (with smile)
I wished them with pleasantries. They asked me to be very comfortable.
Chairman: So what's your full name?
Me: *told*
Cm: who all are there in your family?
Me:*told, also added my brother's working in an IT company.*
Cm: so you are applying for the job of an ADO. Do you know what his role is ?
Me: yes sir, definitely. The Apprentice development officer is an important part of the insurance organisation. His primary role is to recruit a team of insurance agents who , in turn, would approach potential customers, build good relationship with them and bring business to the organisation. So the ado is mainly assigned with the job of recruiting such agents, train them by imparting skills and follow up with their progress.
Cm: ok good but what is the one term that can define all the qualities that you defined, who does all the motivation and imparting skills to the agents?
Me: Leadership?
Cm: yes that's correct.
Official 1: can you tell me how are the LIC agents recruited?
Me: Sir, there is an exam conducted by the IRDAI which the prospective agents have to sit for, qualify them and then there's a 17 day training period that they have to undergo, through which they will be trained with proper skills.
Of1: ok, so how will you ensure that the agents are meeting their targets?
Me: Sir i feel the first step in order to assign them the job is to identify their strengths and skills. For example if I assign one agent into an Metropolitan areas, I'll ensure that he's got good communication skills through which he can form good relationship with prospective customers and then sell them the products which suit their needs and aspirations. Again, if he's assigned in a remote area, where the average income per household is low to moderate, I'll assign him to sell micro insurance products like Bhagyalaksmi or micro bachat which would be suitable for that region.
Lady(seemingly impressed) : oh you have gone through our website as well?
Me: yes ma'am I did a bit of homework. :)
Official 2: How will you motivate the agents?
Me: Sir firstly after recruiting the agents I'll first build a good relationship with them because a good marketing job always starts with a good relationship. Then I'll follow up with their progress and conduct periodic sessions to motivate them. Also I'll ensure that the agents who do good work are rewarded with suitable incentives. And lastly I'll also see if any agent is going through a practical problem, I'll try to solve them.
Cm: You have mentioned in your CV that you left your previous job because you were planning for government jobs. But do you know that this job is not exactly a government job in fact it's a business oriented job , precisely a marketing job. So what do you have to say about it?
Me: yes sir, I'm aware it's not a government job but I feel there is a bit of foot work we have to do in every work that we start and in this case perhaps more. But i feel I have got the right skills for this particular job, as this requires building good relationships with prospective clients even before doing business with them and I feel, though I'm not aware what others feel about me, that I have moderately good communication skills though i’m a bit nervous now( here the lady interrupted me, seemingly impressed, seconding the fact that I have good communication skills) and I can do justice to my job.
Official 4: Here you won't get a desk also, maybe you ll have to be on the run 24X7?
Me: Sir, even though if I get a government job, we get excited at first but then it gets monotonous after sometime, with all the file work etc. So field work would be very challenging and I like taking my work as a challenge, something that would keep me on my toes.
Cm: ok that's good to know. So do you know how to drive a scooty? Since you may have to travel under the sun or go to remote places for business?
Me: Sir I'm planning to learn driving, after I get settled with the job. Travelling is not a big issue for me as I have stayed in places where I have had to face many challenges :)
Lady: do you like shopping? Online or offline?
Me: yes it's so easy on the pocket as well. Plus we don't have to bother about trials and returns.
Lady: do you know about online insurance?
Me: *I didn't have any idea about it , so I told her about online agents, she didn't mind, probably because she was already quite impressed with me*
Official 3: *asked me something related to some internal operations about the company, where the cm,cut him short telling that I may not know about it since it's not for me to know*
Cm: have you seen any ads related to LIC on TV?
Me: yes sir, I have seen, but I don't remember the exact ads now.
Cm: do you know the tagline of LIC?
Me: It's Yogakshemam vahamyaham, meaning your welfare is our responsibility. It's taken from the 9th chapter of Bhagwad Gita, 22nd verse.
Off 3: okay tell me the punchline of the ad!
Me: it's Zindagi KE sath bhi , Zindagi KE bad bhi..
All: yes very good :)
All of them smiled and wished me good luck for the results, asked me to take a chocolate. I wished them back and left with a smile. I was quite satisfied with the way my interview went, as I couldn't prepare well for the same.

Firstly when I enter room they told me to sit
1. What degree have you completed?
2.then asked how your computer knowledge help in ado you made any friends here in morning
4.from where have you prepare for interview
5.3rd largest country by population largest country by area
7.have you problem regarding job location
8.subrogation kumar full name of tehsil in my district
11.what is insurance
12.why insurance
13.job role of ado
14.tell me any 5 names of other candidates here

 south Zone
Trivandrum divisional office.

Panel consists of 2male 1lady.
1.self intro
2.y lic ado? wll u markt?
4.y selctd rural area?
5.product life cycle?
6.prdct mix?
7.type of approchs?
8. Abt lic?
9.lic policy?
10.prest lic md?
11.abt hobby?
12.crkt coach?
13.prsnt news?
15.abt maharashtra cm? wk celebrtn?
17.4 pvt insurance companies?
18.ado profile?
19. Ur qualities for lic ado?

Friendly panel, took aprxmt 25 to 30 min. 1 more qstn,
20.asked abt sensex
Amravati divisional office,Maharashtra
Interview duration= 20 minutes  
Which job will you choose lic assistant  or lic ado?
Today's current affairs 
Governors of J&K and Ladakh
From which sources do you know 
About the profile of lic ado?
Situation based question-you are transferred to rural area where there is no bus service  and  at night time agent asked you to collect the premium amount from customer.At the same time at another place family emergency came and your husband calling you to come home as early as possible,so which task will you perform first and how?
Being a woman, will you able to handle this job?
Sell me the pen - interviewer asked .
1.tell about your village,
2.your local market place,
3.tell about family 
4.qualification many contacts in your mobile
6.role of lic ado 
7.why u still not working any where with your preparation
 8.know any lic employee 
9.which type of person u select for agent
10.focus place in village
11.gst formation day  
12.your gst teacher name


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