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Q.1) As a 'social agent of development' how would you bring down the
parity between the rich and the poor? What is the first step of any change?
Q.2) You are from Bihar. Why do you want to work in Hyderabad?
Q.3) The nature of job demands field work. You are better suited for
desk job as per your qualification. How will you meet the demands of the job?
Q.4) The job requires knowledge of local language. How would you face
the challenges relating to this particular problem?
Q.5) What do you know about LIC-ADO? Do you have any question regarding
to this position?
Q.6) How many siblings do you have? What does your father do?
Q.6) Tell us about LIC?
Q.7) Questions relating to agriculture/famous place &
personality/monument/capital of (your) state?

Q.8) Why would you choose to work in Hyderabad over your place?


1) Intro
(language is hindi bt i replied in English)Asked about what sister doing?

why you
choose Mumbai division and ADO role you know?
3) You
said Mumbai me sab professional hai fast paced life h to ap agent kaise recruit
krengi ? answer maine bola mai doc ya lawyer ko karungi then they said unhe
lena allow nhi hota then i said ki mai unke family wife or wo population jo
govt job ki preparation kr rhe h ya fr opportunity k talash me h mai unhe
target krungi.
4) they
asked ki agar apko agent banne ka mauka milta to ap bnti?
full form and HQ?

challenging situation jo overcome kiya ho?
7) aap
ADO k lye select ho gae to is job ko kaise dekhengi?

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