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Directions (Q. 21-23):  In the following questions choose the alternative which best expressed the meaning of the given word.
21. Flabbergast
      a) expect                b) surprise        c) flounder      d) scoff           e) admire

22. Lambaste
      a) praise                 b) uphold         c) lament         d) chuckle       e) rebuke

23. Reimburse
      a) control               b) reinstall       c) replay          d) strengthen   e) rehabilitate

Directions (Q. 24-25): In following questions choose the alternative which is opposite in meaning of the given word.

24. Grin
      a) simper                b) smirk           c) smile            d) frown          e) laugh

25. Scorn
      a) derision             b) disdain        c) approval      d) sarcasm       e) disregard

Directions (Q. 26-30): In the following questions, fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrase.

26. The National League for Democracy ______ a landslide victory.
      a) pulled out          b) pulled over              c) pulled up                 d) pulled off    e) pulled through

27. I have three part-time jobs which ______ about 2 lakh a year.
      a) bring off            b) bring round             c) bring forward          d) bring out     e) bring in

28. He ______ rumors that he aims to become a Congress MP.
      a) plays down        b) plays on                   c) plays out                  d) plays back   e) plays around

29. It took me a very long time to ______ the shock of her death.
      a) get through        b) get over                   c) get round                 d) get on          e) get off

30. Over breakfast at my motel, I _______ conversation with the owner of a hardware shop.
      a) fell apart            b) fell away                 c) fell into                    d) fell down    e) fell behind

Directions (Q.31-35):  Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted.  Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

31. The business management institute focuses on a well-rounded development, _____ that it believes cannot be _____ without public engagement.
      a) anything, stopped                     b) everything, possessed         c) nothing, conveyed 
d) all things, criticized                  e) something, nurtured

32. The disproportionate _____ by the Indian forces against firing by the Pakistani forces has shown that Narendra Modi regime will not take truce _____ lightly.
      a) revolution, breach                     b) attack, contravention          c) ambush, offence     
d) retaliation, violations                e) counter, infringement

33. You never realize that even the most nutritious diet cannot give you the _____ results if your digestive system is not fit enough to digest or absorb its nutrients _____
      a) aspired, competently                 b) desired, efficiently              c) considerate, dexterously    
d) wised, comfortably                   e) longed, freely

34. It is the old story of an anatomy professor in a medical college asking his students a trick question:  Which part of the human body can expand _____ times its size _____ excitement?
      a) most, in             b) many, of      c) several, under          d) numerous, for         e) single, while

35. When the CAG offered different figures of _____ loss in 2G spectrum everybody, from Modi to the media, _____ for the highest amount.
      a) notional, jumped                       b) national, dived        c) conceptual, bounced          
d) fabulous, plummeted                e) hypothetical, upsurged

             Directions (Q. 36-40):  In these questions the first and last parts of the sentences are numbered 1 and 6.  The rest of the sentence is split into four parts and named P,Q,R and S.  These four parts are not given in the proper order.  Read the sentence and find out which of the four combinations is correct.  Then find the correct answer and indicate it in your answer sheet.

36. 1. The modern digital
      P. of computer power, connectivity and
      Q. iphones and the internet,
      R. revolution –with its hallmarks
      S. data –ubiquity –has brought
      6. not crowded tenements and cholera.
      a) RSQP                b) RPQS          c) SRQP          d) RPSQ         E) SPQR

37. 1. When India’s first Prime Minister
      P. visited America in 1949
      Q. Jawaharlal Nehru
      R. Speaking at universities and
      S. he spent weeks crossing the country
      6. calling on Albert Einstein.
      a) QRSP                b) QRPS          c) QPSR          d) RPSQ         e) PSRQ

38. 1. Uttarakhand Governor Aziz Qureshi
      P. raised a few eyebrows on Friday
      Q. who slaughter cows
      R. when he said that those
      s. do not have the right
      6. to be called Indians.
      a) PQRS                b) PRQS          c) PSRQ          d) QRPS         e) SRPQ

39. 1. Nokia, arguably one of the most popular mobile phone brands across the globe,
      P. in the years to come as Microsoft,
      Q. has decided to pull the curtains on one of the most iconic names of our time
      R. the new owner of Nokia’s devices business,
      S. will cease to exist among smartphone
      6. even if only partially.
      a) SQRP                b) PRQS          c) SPRQ          d) QSPR         e) RSPQ

40. 1. Decades after the communal violence of the 1930s
      P. communal violence had broken out in several districts of Bengal,
      Q. the great Calcutta Killing of 1946.
      R. that engulfed many parts of the pre-partition Bengal and
      S. including districts that were homes to the Tagores,
      6. and the seat of the so-called Bengal renaissance of the 19th century.
      a) RQPS                b) SPQR          c) RPSQ          d) RSPQ         e) SPRQ

Directions (Q.41-50):  In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number.  Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

The Narendra Modi government has finally taken the bold step of removing price (41) on diesel and raising gas prices to an extent.  These steps will energise the fuel retailing market and end the big (42) over natural gas.  But a lot more clarity is needed in the sector whose backbone is the most (43) and controversial commodity in the world: oil.

Decontrol of diesel is not a new reform.  Market (44) operated happily a decade ago, and (45) Reliance Industries, Essar Oil and Shell to set up dazzling petrol pumps that scared the daylights out of public sector firms that (46) lost market share.  Old, rusty petrol pumps of state firms transformed into modern retail outlets with ATMs, modern car-cleaning (47) and even general department stores.

And then, the volatility of the oil market destroyed the market.  Oil prices (48) sharply, making inflation such a political headache that the government (49) subsidizing diesel sold by state firms and effectively (50) out private competition.

41. a) check                 b) limitation     c) restraint       d) control        e) manipulation
42. a) suspense            b) anxiety        c) hesitation     d) tension        e) uncertainly
43. a) capricious          b) erratic          c) volatile        d) lively           e) stabilized
44. a) constraint          b) stimulus       c) pressure       d) impact         e) forces
45. a) alerted               b) prompted    c) slowed         d) timely          e) instantly
46. a) briskly               b) slowed        c) promptly      d) rapidly        e) hastily
47. a) utilities              b) advantage   c) efficacy       d) efficiency    e) function
48. a) accelerated        b) advanced    c) inflated        d) swelled       e) rose
49. a) jumped off        b) took off       c) started         d) founded      e) finished
50. a) set out               b) wiped          c) demarcated d) resolved      e) grew


21.b     22.e     23.c     24.d     25.c     26.d     27.e     28.a     29.b     30.c     31.e     32.d     33. b    34.c
35.a     36.d     37.c     38.b     39.c     40.a     41.d     42.a     43.c     44.e     45.b     46.d     47.a     48.e

49.c     50.b

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