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The facility of Mobile banking through J2ME Application works on a secured, menu based and user friendly J2ME technology which is compatible to all GPRS/Java enabled mobile phones (Java version MIDP 2.0 and above) using both SMS & GPRS modes.
Who are eligible ?
The existing mobile banking customers can avail the new J2ME mobile banking facility immediately. The new customers, who want to avail the facility, should request his Home Branch for enabling the Mobile Banking facility and then can avail the J2ME facility.
Downloading the Application:
The URL link for application download will be sent to the customer’s mobile when the customer sends the request “IndMobile” through his mobile to our mobile banking service number (9444394443). The J2ME Mobile banking application can also be downloaded from the bank’s website directly using USB/GPRS.
Registration of J2ME Application:
To install the J2ME application in the mobile handset, the customer opens the application and the registration process will start automatically wherein the customer needs to enter the Mobile Number & 4 digit numeric MPIN. The customer will register the 6 digit application password as per his choice. Upon successful validation of MPIN, CIF & the Mobile No, the system starts registration and synchronization of Linked Accounts & Added Beneficiary Accounts.
Security Aspects:
The requests and responses are sent through encrypted/ secured messaging format using end to end encryption. Application password is required to be keyed in by the customer to open the application and the customer has to use MPIN while making queries/ transactions. The customer can anytime change the Application Password (and/or) MPIN.
Regarding funds transfer, the customer can transfer funds ONLY TO PREVIOUSLY ADDED BENEFICIARIES. The customer can also add new beneficiaries through “Add Beneficiary” option either through Net Banking or Mobile banking module.
Services available in the application:
Primarily, the customer can transfer funds up to the limit of Rs 50,000 per day as per RBI norms and the following services are also available in the module.
Enquiries:  Account Balance Enquiry, Last Transaction Enquiry, Issued Cheque Status Enquiry and Funds transfer limit enquiry services are available.
Funds Transfer:  The user can effect funds transfer between his own Accounts, to Other IB Accts, IB Credit Card Accts and to Other Bank Accounts.The facility will be activatated based on a seperate application to the home branch.
   » Application form to enable Fund transfer (.pdf)
Miscellaneous Services: The customer can change MPIN / Application Pwd, can add/view/delete beneficiary account details.
Other Services: The customer can any time update his linked accounts/beneficiary account details. Whenever a new version of the application is released by the Bank, the same may be upgraded to the mobile. If the user wishes to remove the application from his mobile, the provision to deactivate the same is also made available.

Indian Bank is not liable for non-availability of services due to reasons beyond the controls of the bank

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