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My SBI ASSOCIATES GD and Interview Experience GD – 

India and Global Warming My performance was not upto the level Interview All 5 panelists were in mid 50’s and 60’s 
M1: come in divya, have a seat 
Me: Thank U sir and greeted the panelists 
M1: Y u graduated from ignou? 
Me: Yes sir 
M1: Why 
Me: I answered (Dad’s treatment in Vellore) 
M1: how is he now? 
Me: Fine sir 
M1: where does your father live? 
Me: he resides with us in Kolkata itself 
M1: You are from? 
Me: Santragachi 
M1: What? How much time does it take from here? 
Me: 1 hour sir 
M1: ok, you have mentioned in ur hobbies that u watch cricket, tennis and wat about dis editing pictures? 
Me: Sir I edit the pictures in photoshop 
M1: Y? what do u do with that ? 
Me: i take a printout of them and save it in my album 
M1: (going thru my biodata) Oh u r already working in (trying hard to read the company name) I Replied Pioneer Career Consultancy Private Limited… 
M1: Ok, what is the nature of ur job? 
Me: Sir, I handle the day to day activities 
M1: What kind of work do this company do? 
Me: Sir, it is an educational institute, provides bank po, cat, mat training 
M1 : So do you attend the classes? Me: No sir, I am only an employee (M1 smiled) 
M1: OK, (asked M2 to question me) 
M2: (while going thru my biodata form) so u r interested in cricket.. tell me the name of sachin tendulkar’s biography? (I was nervous thnkng tht pata nai kya puchega cricket se) 
Me: (while Thinking) sir something like It’s My way.. I m not able to recollect that
 M2: Playing it my way 
M2: biography of yuvraj singh? 
Me: The test of mu life 
M2: Tell my about MOM 
Me: Mars orbiter mission, Magalayan, 
M2: tell me when it was launched and when it landed? 
Me: I don’t know about the Launching date but it landed successfully in the end of September, it costed 4000 crore rupees 
M2: You know only this much 
M2: OK, what is repo rate and reverse rate? 
Me: I answered well 
M2: What is GDP? 
Me: answered
 M1 asked the lady(the least interested panelist over there) to question Lady: interstake of bank blah blah 
Me: (I thought ye interstake kya hai) sorry mam, I don’t know Actually it was interest rate which I heard as interstake due to her way of pronouncing Lady: if interstake of banks decrease what is its impact? 
Me: Mam interest rate
 Lady: Yes Me: Answered (but they were not satisfied) 
M1: Does it increase the profit or is it a loss to the customer? 
Me: I answred 
Lady: blah blah…tell me according to the bank perspective also
 Me: (It was difficult to get her what she was asking me) no idea mam 
M3: Tell me 5 distance education institutes 
Me: said only two university names 
M3: (if I give handful )money and work, which one would you choose? 
Me: work sir M3: Why? 
Me: Sir I can earn the money if I have work.. 
M3: (not satisfied) Describe yourself in three words? 
Me: Simple, Honest and Hardworking 
M3: Which one would u choose? 
Me: Hardworking 
M1: I thought you would choose Honesty becoz u r going to deal with the money of millions of people 
Me: Sir hardworking on a personal level, to achieve a goal of my life I have to hardworking, with regards to the perspective of my work I will choose honesty 
M1: (Satisfied) ok ok 
M4: (Anglo tone) expand Surfaceeact 
Me: (with a blank look) Surfaceeact?
 M4: Yes Sarfesi act (the actual spelling of the act) 
Me: (in all this hotchpotch) I expanded SAR well F expansion was wrong, he said u r going wrong, I lost the confidence, tried again but cudnt complete 
M4: What this act is about? 
Me: Bad loan recovery 
M4: Ok (Satisified) M1: you said during the gd that polythene bags also cause global warming? How is that?
 Me: (After a pause of 5 – 6 seconds) after we dump the polythene bags in the disposal they are burned, the smoke which comes out of it cause air pollution. 
M1: (smiling) this is the right answer 
M1: Ok Divya, Thank u so much… 
Me: Thank you Panelists 


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