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      Directions (Qs. 1 to 20):  In these Questions,  some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct.  Find out which part of a sentence (A), (B), (C) has an error.  If a sentence is free from errors, then mark `D’ as your answer.
 1.   (a)   Raghu came out of the bathroom   (b)   with a towel     (c)  in the hand   (d)  No error
 2.   (a) Neither the girl nor her parents  (b)   was present
       (c)  to receive the award   (d)  No error
 3.   (a)  College girls seldom wear    (b)  sarees these days    (c)  do they?    (d)  No error
 4.   (a)  Scarecely had   (b)   the function started   (c)  then it began to rain  (d)  No error
 5.   (a)  The reporter   (b)  was unable  (c)  to illicit information from the police  (d)  No error
 6.   (a)  Each of these boys  (b)  play  (c)  games  (d)  No error
 7.   (a)  These all   (b)   mangoes   (c) are ripe  (d)  No error
 8.   (a)  The students were   (b)   awaiting for   (c)  the arrival of the chief guest  (d)  No error
 9.   (a)  If you hear   (b)   engaged tone   (c)  replace the receiver and dial again  (d)  No error
10    (a)  Henry asked his wife   (b)   what had she prepared 
        (c)  for dinner that night  (d)  No error
11.   (a)  The news   (b)  I have received   (c)  is not good  (d)  No error
12.   (a)  who   (b)   arranged   (c)  the chairs?  (d)  No error
13.   (a)  People who live on  (b)  glass houses   (c)  should not throw stones  (d)  No error
14.   (a)  The library members were asked  (b)  to return back the books
        (c)  to the library  (d)  No error
15.   (a)  It is a   (b)   desert   (c)  place  (d)  No error
16.   (a)  You shall get  (b)   all the informations  
        (c)  if you read this book  carefully(d)  No error
17.   (a)  My freind  (b)   has invited me  (c)  for tea this Sunday (d)  No error
18.   (a)  He discussed  (b)   the murder case  (c)  with his juniors (d)  No error
19.   (a)  The paintings of natural sceneries     (b)   are selling
        (c)  like hot cakes     (d)  No error

20.   (a)  I         (b)   go to school         (c)  by walk              (d)  No error

1.   (c)      2.   (b)    3.  (c)    4.    (c)   5.    (c)    6.    (b)    7.   (a)       8.  (b)     9.  (b)    10.  (b)

11.  (d)   12.  (d)  13.  (a)   14.   (b)  15.    (b)  16.   (b)   17.   (c)     18.  (d)   19.  (a)    20.  (c)

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