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GK Questions asked in SBI Associate Clerk - 22nd February 2015

GK Questions asked in SBI Associate Clerk - 22nd February 2015

We are posting Some of the GA and Banking questions asked in the SBI Associate Clerk exam, held on 22nd February 2015
  • Under 17 FIFA World Cup hosting country - India
  • Nobel prize for economics 2014 - Jean Tirole
  • Maximum cancer cases is in which state of India - Punjab
  • Indian Company with max turnover as per fortune 500 - IOCL
  • EMI full form - Equated Monthly Installment
  • Who appoints ombudsmen - RBI
  • MacMohan line divides which countries? - India and China
  • Which is used by banks in their daily routine working and transactions?­ - Negotiable instruments Act.
  • Arun Jaitley is a Rajya sabha member from which state ? -  Gujarat
  • NABARD full form. - National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Which is fastest channel for transferring money - ­ RTGS
  • Largest iron ore mine in world  -  Carajás Mine, Brazil
  • Which is most profit making PSU company in INDIA  - ONGC
  • Naira is the currency of which country?­­ - Nigeria
  • location of Headquarters of WTO and IAEA  - ­ Geneva & Vienna.
  • Which is the following is the non ­institutional credit  - Trade Credit
  • IFRS full form  - International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Nehru Trophy with which game - Football
  • NDB full form - New Development Bank.
  • Least populous state in India as per census 2011 - Sikkim
  • Godavari Pushkaralu is organised in which state? - Andhra Pradesh
  • Corporate Social Responsibility committee headed is by - Anil Baijal

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