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date of int-11 feb 2015 in I.T.

Question asked in interview at panel 13 noida bank of india staff training college for ibps clerk held on 11 feb 2015

entered the room by taking permission and greeted them seperately to the lady and to the sirs, they offered me to have a seat.

1.tell me something about yourself ?

ans. sir my name is pankaj i am from rajasthan my father's name is shri XXXX i have completed my graduation in the year 2014.
graduation in which subject i said sir in I.T. he said ooooo you B.Tech student yes sir then he said abhi to 6 mahine hi hue hn job mil jaayegi me replied- sir i mera college se campus placement nh hua tha aur mujhe bahar se bhi kisi company se job nhi mili and my financial condition itni theek thaak nhi h aur banking me job opportunities hn isliye m bank me aana chaata hun.
he said who told you there are opportunities in the bank i replied due to financial inclusion there will be more number of branches and there will be requirement of the persons in the bank. he said accha aapko tamilnadu ke kisi vilage me bhejenge chale jaoge i replied yes sir m to suru se hi ghar se bahar rahta hun aur mujhe english bhi aati so mujhe koi problem nhi hogi. they were all looking quite impressed with this answer. 

2.what does your father do ?

ans. sir he is an retired army person. he said  kitna pension milta h i replied sir 11000 which bank do you have your account
ans.sir in central bank of india 
4.what rate of interest do they provide ?
ans. 4%

5.what documents you have given while you opened your bank account ?
ans. sir photo 
        identity proof
        address proof
        pan card (intruptting in between one memeber said pan card kyon lagaya tha )
i replied sir agar hum 50000 se jyada ka transction krte hn to pan card lagana jaruri h aur agar fd me saal bhar ka byaaj 10000 se jyada h to bhi pan card ki jarurat hoti h. your height is too much you have played volleyball ?
ans.  sir i played basketball

and then some question related to basketball ie. how many players area there is it a team game
i replied sir there are 5 players in a team and it is team game.

7.if in bank all the customer are coming to you will you not get irritated ?

ans. no sir mujhe accha lagega and mujhe khusi hogi because cutomer agar mere paas aa rhen h to saayad unko meri service jyada pasand hogi m unki problems ko jyada acchi tarah se solve kar paaunga.

8. governer of rajasthan why he is so much famous due to some bad or good work ?
ans.shri kalyan singh he is famous because he was 1st cm from bjp side (they were telling in he is famous for some other like something happened in 1992 some kaand wagarah) and it was in my mind i replied yes sir it was babri masjid kaand.

9. sources of income for banks ?
ans. sir loans,third party produdcts 
one member asked what is third party product i said sir mutual funds and insurence etc
then one anoter member said locker is also a source of income.

10.governer of tamilnadu ?
ans. i said sorry sir i dont know then they gave me a hint he was there in delhi and has assumed office few days back and after shiela dixit i said sir it was p.sathasivam but he is governer of kerela. they said ok. many states are there in india ?
ans. 29

12. last two states and their cms ?
telengna-chandersekhar rao 
and then they said of andhra pradesh (while i was about to answer) they said it is chandrababu naidu. i said yes sir

13. one last subject relateed question in I.T. 
what is erp.?
ans.sorry ma'm i don't know about this she said you may have read this in dbms i said sorry ma'm i don't know then she said ok no problem.

and last they said ok pankaj thank you very much i said thank you sir , thank you ma'm and came out of room with a smiling face.
they were very co-operative but as i enterd the room they throw some big atom bombs but i managed the situation and answered them very calmly and politely. 

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