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CANDIDATE : EEE - 2014   - 70%+  (got a job in TCS -- did not accept it but trying for Bank job?)

1.why you came to bank jobs?

2. Why don't you get jobs in your stream?
The answer given to first question(1)- "I have passion towards banking &..." - panel members were annoyed and question asked me - y its like that?
They interrupted and questioned the next question!(2)
I said I didn't get core jobs - I prepared for competitive exams - I cleared ibps clerk last time but didn't get the offerletter- I cleared this time & hopeful of getting selected this time- need to do service to the people - & (some additions..)

3.this is the best question I got-
" how ull serve in rural area?"
I was replying in aspect of RRB- programmed & loans lender by Govt.- but I can see the panel was looking for more answers in particular!
4.what is white goods?

5.white revolution ?
Its about milk- verghese kurien- gujarat- amul- largest cooperative! tapism? ( for a friend before me)
Overall - it was not the best but able to present to an average !!
Note: Tamil mandatory to write in paper! ( lines or passage) & reading of paper  in many panels!

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