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IBPS CLERKS IV INTERVIEW AGRA -- Mr. Chirag --good one

VENUE:- Tourist Bungalow Agra
Panel: VI
Date : 19-02-2015
I had reached to the venue at 8:30 am the waiting area is full of students getting ready for the interview process. They had told us to arrange your documents as written on the checklist in the room. There is total panel 6 and only Panel 2 had to write their introduction on the paper. Document verification started at 9 AM and interview started at 9:30 AM . My document verification done at 10:30 AM it was a smooth process as the document checker had identified me as I had same person in PO interview too for document checking. Interview were going smoothly but due to one candidate it got late as he cried in the interview room and the panel had conducted his interview again
(Full interview went in Local language Hindi I am telling u in English)
My turn came at 11:55 AM
I had opened the door and said may I come in
Panel – Yes come in
Me – Thank you sir  Good morning sir
Panel – Have ur seat
Me- thank you sir
When I had went inside I saw only 4M no female member I was shocked where the female member had gone then after getting seated got to know that she went to washroom  
M1– So chirag tell about yourself  
Me- explained about me, family, education…..
M1- So u r MBA finance then why Bank Clerk?
Me- explained well by telling about my family banking background as all are related to PSB
M1- don’t u will get bore as whenever u will met them u will talk about each other bank working?
Me – Explained about it (Seems satisfied)
M1- So u r MBA in which specialization?
Me sir Major Finance Minor Marketing
M1- let me ask you from finance so tell us about various ratios in Finance?
Me- Explained about 5 ratios to them with their formulas.
M1- he wants to know more asked tell us more ratios?
Me- told about 2 more ratios after thinking little bit.
M1- (smiling) good chirag and asked M2 to ask question in between mam came from washroom and got seated on her place
Me – good morning mam
F1- good morning
M2- what u have studied for this interview?
Me- Basic banking sir
M2- tell me something about Financial inclusion?
Me- explained it well about it including PMJDY with its fact and figures adding the today’s news about it
M2- good what will be the benefit of it to the banks?
Me- explained again about it with example of money lenders and bank and about loan of the bank
M2- good now he said to M3 to ask questions
M3- can u tell me various IT revolutions of the banking industry recently
Me- explained about it with various examples
M3- what will be the benefits of it to the customer?
Me- explained it
M3- what will be benefit of it to banks?
Me –explained but he was not satisfied
M1- asked me to read Hindi newspaper which was kept on the table in from of me
Me- ok sir started reading news paper read about 4-5 lines then told to stop reading by the panel members.
M4 and F1 was not speaking anything only listening to me and looking at me.
M1- asked other panel if they have any other questions to ask
Everyone said no. then everyone said ok Chirag u can go now all the best
Me- thank you mam, thank you sir, have a good day sir.
Then came out of the room . total interview time 10 mins


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