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Greetings Of the Day,

Enclosed please find a detailed report on my interview Experience.

I was interviewed today at UBI HQ Kolkata for IBPS Clerk IV. Today I II III IV V panels interviewed 25 candidates each all Ex- serviceman candidates. I was XS GEN category. Started at 9AM with 10lines to write on a sheet of paper in Bengali on a topic (Responsibility towards your parents) selected by them followed by document verification. Documents verified strictly as mentioned in Interview call letter. Identity proof must be the same as submitted on the day of Examination. I submitted PAN card xerox so they asked for the same.

I was candidate no. 20 of panel IV called in at 1210hrs.

Interview panel consisting of 4M+1F
The Female member didn't ask any question.
Medium of Interview was in Bengali, Hindi and English.

I entered the room with butterfly in my belly.

Question by No 1: (In Bengali) Offered Seat::
* Your Name and significance of your title.
* Which type of 'Caste' are you?
* What is the traditional professions of 'Banik caste' in Bengal?
* What are you doing now?
* Why did you leave your last job?

Qs By No 2:: (In English and partly in Hindi)
* Mr Banik, from the initial discussion I could get that 'Banik' are presumed to be businessmen. Then answer me that how can you know that a business is doing well?
* How a bank does profit?
* Imagine you have been given a target to sell 10 no. Education Loan within 15days. What will be your strategy?
* Who will be your DMU for marketing this product?
* CASA related question What it signifies?

Again Qs by No 1: (In Hindi and Bengali)

* Would you have any problem to relocate if you get a remote rural posting?
* What will be your family's reaction?
* As you are experienced, Will you have any ill feelings towards an officer who will be half of your age?

Now Qs by No3: (In Bengali)
* Tell me the difference between Voters I Card and a PAN card
* What are all the things appear on these two cards?
* Can a married woman have a PAN card?
* What will appear on her PAN card?
* Her husbands name will be there along with what? (Trap question)

Qs by No4: (In Hindi)
* How your MBA will help the bank?

By No 2: (In English)
* What is the greatest problems faced by Banking sector in recent time?
* Latest great corporate house defaulter currently in news?

Qs By No 1: (In English)
* Who is the Owner of that company?
* Where from he belongs to?
* The same man has another business, what is that?

That's All Mr Banik said No1 and No2 together.

Total duration 20 mins.

Personal Analysis::
Answered almost all questions in a convincing way.
Said sorry for the DMU question as I have no idea of that.

Relieved now and will be starting preparation for the next National Insurance Assistant Exam to be held in April.

Thank you very much sir for your valuable inputs. If you put this interview experience on your blog, request please hide my identity by changing the name.


Tapas Kumar Banik
12 Feb 2015

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