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 I believe
all candidates of my panel experience the same where as in other panel
judges were very cooperative and guiding one..

...... Me... May I get in... I wished good morning mam than sir
P1 your name
Me sir I am priya
P1 you are from
Me I am from etawah
P1 what you have done
Me I have done btech from electronics and instrumentation engg
P1 so you are pass out in 2010
Me yes sir I got campus place ment to work in Infosys but I didn't
joined because it's different from my field and in my field job
opportunities are very less.. And with banking I can easily relate my
self... With my communication skills my analytical ability I like to
help people immediate job satisfaction can be achieve when you clear
customers problems
P1 he asked me in hindi ki bank ko ka nationalization kyu Hua?
Me replied in hindi..
Bit difficult for me I feel more comfortable in answering in
English... So I said kyuki samaj ke hr tabke ko banking ki suvidha mil
sake sirf amir (rich) logo tk hi suvidha simit na rah Jae chahe rural
area k log ho farmers ho sabko banking suvidha milsake
P1 do you know the act
Me sorry sir at present I am not able to recall
P1 do you know how many account opened under Jan dhan yojana and
number of rupay card issued?
Me 11.5 crore account have been opened and rupay card I didn't recall
what I replied
P1 he straight forwardly said your both answers wrong
Me I was upset.. Bit nervous and didn't said anything then
P2 payment bank kya h?
Me I replied those banks are involved in work of remittances and
deposition  but not lending...
P1 Is there any compulsion on banks to give money to particular segment
Me yes sir under priority sector those banks who have more than 20
branches in particular area they have to lend 40% out of which 18% to
agriculture and foreign banks also have to lend
P1 the intrest charged is decided by the banks accordingly to them or
decided by bank
Me I said bank
P1 how bank help in social causes
Me.... I am not able to recollect I said they can do by involving in
swach bharat abhiyan.......and then silence
ME I replied full form and than said in NEFT batch by batch
transaction done where as in rtgs order by order basis  and told
limits of each
M3 some questions like if we need to transfer in Nepal and I don't
have account how can I transfer?
I said by NEFT upto 50000
M3 same question continues Dat person don't have account in Nepal...
Me I am not getting exactly I said sorry sir
M1 the women safety a app started in Delhi..?
Me I read somewhere I started telling it's procedure he asked me it's
name I said sorry to sir not able to recall
M2 full form of BCSBI
Me never heard said sorry
Lady p5 lpgid is how many digit  I said 17 than pahal yojana I said
it's lpgsubisidiy scheme she was asking full form of pahal I said
Than they said thank priya... I said thank you sir in a low voice
female member seeing smiling I said thanks mam and
left....................panel wasn't a bit cooperative....... As I
faced previous interviews guiding one  .other panels members very
happy they asked our interview bit hr type only about family why your
father mill closed that's it........

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