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My interview venue Bank of India Noida
Date 16/2/15
Morning batch

Documents were verified by 11
Then my turn came around 12:45

I greet them good afternoon There were five members in the panel a lady and four male members then it started

First give us introduction about yourself.

M1 you have done post graduation in engineering you didn't got any job?

Then I said I got one during my campus selection but later on the company put me in waiting.

Then he asked didn't you try after that?

I said I tried many times but every company wants experienced candidate then I started preparing for govt job exams.

Then the lady member asked about hobbies which makes you happy

I said listening to sad music

So she said it makes you happy

Then I said as it expresses the feeling of ones heart 

Then she smiles 

M2 what's the difference between public and private sector banks ?

I said private banks deals with classes and public bank deals with masses and latter one has govt share and former do not have

Difference between credit and debit card ?

I said for debit card one needs to be the customer of the bank but for credit card one is not a customer of the bank

Then he asked about dayanand saraswati as my graduation is from mahrishi dayanand university and also about raja ram Mohan Roy

I said sorry I don't know it

Then he asked about biometric ATM I got confused and i said i don't it  So he asked what is biometric ?

I said biometric is a card in which person personal information is there so that he can came in and goes out while entering office

Do you have aadhar card?

I said yes 
Then ke asked during registration for it what they have taken 

I said fingerprints thumb impression and retina 

He asked why it was taken

As everyone have different fingerprints so one differentiate from other 

M3 who is governor of RBI and chairman of icici

I said raghuram rajan and chanda kochar

Speaker of lok sabha 

I said sumitra Mahajan

The last member didn't asked me anything he said OK you may go 

The whole interview lasted for 15 minutes

Sir kindly tell how is my interview as it is my last chance at clerk


Ashish Sehgal


I am sure you would have done well and my rating 16+ out of 20.  blessings.

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