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Date: 17.2.2015   1 PM Panel II
Venue: IOB regional office, Salem.
I reached the venue at 12.30PM. I was called for certificate verification at 3’o clock. They gave me a paper with choice of 12 topics to write 10 lines about a topic in local language. (Those topics were very easy. Eg. Your favorite school, place, game, personality). After completing it they called me for certificate verification. You should have all certificates which were mentioned in call letter (Please read the call letter carefully and completely). Then interview was at 4.45 PM.
Bell rang I went inside the interview hall
There were 4 people (3 male and 1 female). I wished them and they offered me a seat
(The whole conversation was in Tamil)
M1: Tell about yourself
Me: told

M1: why banking after BE?
Me: explained

M1: what is the difference between insurance and bank? (My father is working in insurance)
Me: explained (M1 was not satisfied)
M1 again asked me explain. I told some extra points.
M2: are u ready to work anywhere?
Me: yes sir.
M2: what is hot topic today in newspaper?
Me: told
M2: why India should sign nuclear pact with Srilanka?
Me: explained
M3: What is priority sector lending?
Me: Banks should lend 40% of the loan amt to priority sector like agriculture, education, small and medium enterprise
M3: what is Self help group?
Me: told
M3: explain banking ombudsman
Me: explained
F1: what is DBMS?
Me: explained
And it was done they wished me good luck for my result. I thanked them and left the hall.

My interview was for 15 mins. My experience was good. I answered loud and clear. Hope I will get selected. J

best wishes.  

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