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1. Delhi Election results  -- reasons
2. In case it is not in Banks which other job will you choose?
3. Tell us a brief short story in local language
4. What is the change in you --you want to put into effect

5. Which bank recently got submerged in SBI? 

6. What is your strength? What you know about bank? 

7. What are the different types of bank? 

8. Which is the youngest/Latest public sector bank? 

9. What is the objective of establishing BMB? 

10. Who is the chairperson of PNB? 

11. Name three ladies CEO in a chair persons 

12. What are the banking apex institution? 

13. Who is the owner of RRB? 

14. What is the main source of banks incomes? 

15. What is balance sheet? 

16. What are the current asset/Liabilities? 

17. Name the assets/liability product? 

18. Name the third party product? 

19. Name a few online/ecommerce companies.

20. Difference between RTGS/NEFT? 

21. What the latest changes in financial sector? 

22. What is REPO RATE/SLR/ CAR/CRR/Inflation (How it is controlled)? 

23. Money laundering? 

24. What is financial literacy? 

25. What is financial inclusion? 

26. What are the problems customers face in online banking?

27. What are the qualities of a good clerk? 

28. What is CASA? Importance of CASA? 

29. 2014 noble peace price? 

30. phishing/RTI/SAGY/PMJDY/Bharat rattan/Jeevan parman/ EBOLA/play my way/CEO of Microsoft. 

31. What is East India policy? 

32. Which operating system used in banks? 

33. Which is the official language of bank? When did Rajbasha day celebrate? 

34. Who is the Speaker of rajsabha/Army chief/Election commission? 

35. Type of term loan/DBT? 

36. How is the most mentioned personality on social networking? 

37. When did world yoga day celebrate? 

38. Who was the parade commander of 66th Republic day. 

39. Situation that irritating you? /On which day NRI Day is celebrated?

40. Time when your are superior shouted you? 

41. What motivates you most? 

42. About what are you most proud of? 

43. What is most important to you in a job? 

44. Thinking of most difficult person who you will deal? 

45. Would you like to a team leader or a team player? 

46. Example of short term and long term loan? 

47. What is Retail banking? 

48. What are the interest rate on saving/current a/c? 

49.You favourite Hindi/local language hero/heroine? 

50. Your favourite political leader. 

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