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Dear Sir,

This is Parmod Kumar here.

I had a Mock-interview with you few weeks back.
Now when I had my IBPS interview yesterday at Rohtak City, Haryana
yesterday, I would like to thank you for your help, your advice and
for your blog which helps candidates a lot.

Most of the questions are asked from candidate’s background and few
from general Banking.
I worked with NBFCs so my questions were about my previous work mostly.

Panel - V
Total 6 people total, 3 sikh and one Female

I asked for their permission, entered, greeted properly and said
thanks you when they asked me to sit.

They had my Details
they started
So, what is your name?
I told
I told

what are you doing from last 5 years?
I told that I am doing job in NBFC
What is the difference between NBFC and Banks?
I replied
Ok, there is one more major difference.
Functions of RBI?
I told

What did you study in Graduation? Economics?
Do you know about Theory of population?
I said sorry, I am not aware of it, it has been long time I have
studied Economics.
How long?
Sir, it’s almost five years now.

What is a Mortgage?
I told but they were not satisfied.
What does the term Mortgage means?
I didn’t know exact meaning

What are you doing these days?
I told Freelance teaching.
Why did you leave your last job?
What salary were you getting there?

If I come for a loan what will you check first?
I told Land Title and Credit history
What else?
Ever heard of CIBIL no.?
I said I heard it but unaware of its meaning.

(Because I worked in American NBFC and they don’t have CIBIL no.
system in US, they have Land Title and Credit history to check.)

Then they said, OK
I greeted all of them and left

I think I replied most of their questions and didn’t know a few.
I hope for a fair chance and now getting into preparation for my next exams.
i.e Associate Clerk and NICL AO in April

Again Thanks a lot, sir. My mortgage related questions were the same
you asked me in mock-interview.
Keep updating your blog. It helps a lot. Also please upload ‘Diary of
events’ and ‘Banking related’ blogs.

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