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Hi sir i am Prasad (BE COMPUTER 2014)from Pune Maharashtra
My interview was on 18th feb 2015
There are 5 members in the panel
Male 4,female 1
I entered in the room with permission and addressed everyone. Then they offered me seat and i said thanx to all of them
M1: introduce yourself
Me: explained
M2: about your family??
Me: explained
F1: Why banking?
Me: mam, my aggregate percentage in engineering is 57% and all MNCs required 60%+ for their i m not eligible for IT job in MNCs.but at the same i found that there is a sector which gives lots of opportunities to grow myself i.e banking sector.
F1: ok tell me products of banking
Me : accepting deposits,lending money, insurance, locker facility, ATM,Internet banking
( by mistakenly i said crop loan to farmers and from here my interview take different turn)
F1: tell me provision of crop loan.??
Me: sorry mam i dnt know
M2: how many Hector's of  land do you hav??
Me :5
M3: which crops u grow in ur field??
Me: told
M1: which irrigation techniques u used in ur farm.??
Me: told
F1: what is kharip and rabbi.??
Me: crop which grow on the water of rain called kharip and..(by interrupting me)
F1: its kk bt tell me monthwise
Me: said sorry mam
M4: what is your strength and weaknesses.??
F1: what is Make in India.??
Me: Explained
M1: what is brother doing
Me: he is a bank clerk
M1: ok then u get inspiration from him
Me: yes sir
F1: ok All the best Prasad
Me : thank u
This is all about my interview. Now i m nervous that whether is it good or not.??

Badly waiting for ur reply..


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