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A chat with a candidate about interview questions

A chat with a candidate about interview questions

Goodmorning sir..
"By being an ec graduate, how are you helpful in banking industry?"
Sir, what should i answer for this question??

One more question sir, " why does a state's capital got developed more compared to other districts??"
This has been asked...
As an EC graduate, I know the basics of computer operating and I have a taste for working on computers. In Banks nowadays computers are used widely and I will be able to involve myself fully, learn new things quickly, apply them early and be of service to customers and help the bank improve its business,

Thnk you sir..
Nd othr question sir..
A State capital is given importance to by the government since the Assembly and many of its offices are situate therein. Establishments therein are huge. In order to take care of huge establishments other facilities like shops, hospitals, schools, college also come up. More investments are made by industrialists and capitals grow. Also there is considerable migration of population from rural areas to capital and this also helps capital grow bigger and well.

Thank you sir
Chat conversation end
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good morning sir! yesterday was my IBPS PO interview and I was asked this question that one customer comes at your branch and shoutin and abusing without listening to anyone how will you be able to handle him as an assistant manager? Ami bolechi I will try to make him calm at first but if he stillpersists on doing on that I will takethe abuse and when he calms down I will ask him what he really wants and serve him accordingly and solve his it a right answer?? what could be the appropriate answer of this particular question??? thank you.
yes. this is a correct answer. offer the customer a seat, listen carefully and attend to his needs.
thank you sir.
Chat conversation end

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