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Real Interview questions asked in Bank Interview recently. --VERY USEFUL

1.which hobby you want to pursue in the future?
2.why this hobby ?
3.teach us something about this hobby? how you promote your hobby on facebook and other social media?
5.have you joined any group on facebook related to this hobby?
6.what is inflation? inflation needed for growth?
8.then tell me the countries which are having low inflation growing or stagnated?
9.what is a differentiated banks?
10.what is difference between payment banks and other banks?
11.can payment bank lend money?
12.tell me the difference between china and indias economy? investment in china is lower than india?
14.who is growing faster china or india?
15.what is cpi?
16. tell me cpi of dec month?
17. who is role model?
18.what is the functions of rbi?

all d best..and thank you..:-)

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