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Objective Current Affairs---16 questions

Objective Current Affairs---

1.         Which of the following deals was/were signed between India and the United Kingdom on    November 12, 2015 during the visit of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to           London?
a)Vodafone to invest additional £1.3 billion to expand its India operations and capacities
b) E-commerce cloud platform provider, CloudBuy, to sign a deal with CII for an online  business-to-business marketplace
c) Wipro to raise investment in the UK with the opening of its newest office for Wipro  Digital
d) HSBC’s ‘Skills for Life’ initiative in India to Skill 75,000 disadvantaged young people and women over 5 years
e) All of the above
2.         Senior batsman Younis Khan on October 24, 2015 became the first Pakistan and 14th            batsman overall to complete 9000 Test runs in Dubai while playing his 103rd Test match. Who among the following batsman has not achieved this feat?
a) Sachin Tendulkar, India
b) Brian Lara, West Indies
c) Sourav Ganguly, India
d) Steve Waugh, Australia
e) Jacques Kallis, South Africa
3.         Maldives President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom declared an Emergency in the            country on November 4, 2015, suspending key provisions of the Constitution, which            include:
a) Article 19: “A citizen is free to engage in any conduct or activity that is not expressly         prohibited by Islamic Shari’ah or by law. No control or restraint may be exercised against        any person unless it is expressly authorised by law”.
b) Article 32: “Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly with-out prior    permission of the state.”
c) Article 45: “Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained, arrested or            imprisoned except as provided by law enacted by the People’s Majlis”
d) Article 47(A): “No person shall be subject to search for seizure unless there is            reasonable cause”
e) All of the above
4.         Who among the following won the women’s title in the JSW Indian squash circuit at the       ISA courts in Chennai on October 22, 2015?
a) Millie Tomlinson, England
b) Liu TszLing, Hong Kong
c) Tong Tsz Wing, Hong Kong
d) Nouran El Torky, Egypt
e) Akanksha Salaunkhe, India
5.         Which of the following deals was not signed between Britain and China on October 23,       2015 during the visit of Chinese President -Xi Jinping to London?
a) £ 1.7 billion Royal Albert Docks Project
b) £ 50 million each for Aston Martin and London Taxi Company
c) BP will supply upto one million tonnes of LNG per year over 20 years
d) £ 2 billion for Chinese theme park
e) £ 200 billion for University of York TV training
6.         Which of the following statements is/are correct according to the annual Freedom on the  Net report released in October 2015?
a) Overall 18 countries were rated as ‘free’ online while 28 were classified as “partly free” and 19 “not free”
b) India ranked 29 out of 65 nations
c) 61 per cent of population live in countries where criticism of the Government has been    subject to censorship
d) 47 per cent of population live in countries where corruption allegations can be            repressed or punished.
e) All of the above
7.         Which of the following countries was not elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council on October 28, 2015?
a) Pakistan     b) Belgium      c) Switzerland            d) Georgia       e) Philippines
8.         Which of the following statements is/are correct about the draft civil aviation policy, unveiled by the Government of India on October 30, 2015?
a) Bilateral rights to be liberalised; unlimited flights above existing pacts of Europe,            United States likely
b) Fares for one-hour flights to remote destinations will be capped at Rs. 2,500 per seat
c) Open sky pacts with countries less than 5000 km away will be considered after 2020
d) 2 per cent levy on all domestic and international flights tickets from January 1, 2016 to            create Regional Connectivity Fund (RCF)
e) All of the above
9.         Nepal on October 28, 2015 signed its first fuel agreement with China National United Oil       Corporation to supply the petroleum products required by Nepal. China has already            agreed to donate how many litres of petrol to Nepal?
a) 1.3 million litres     b) 1.6 million litres    c) 1.5 million litres    d) 1.8 million litres
e) 2.3 million litres
10.       The Government of India on November 10, 2015 announced a raft of changes in the            foreign direct investment (FDI) norms for 15 sectors including defence, broadcasting,  construction and retail trade. Select the correct statements about the modified rules:
a) Construction: 100% automatic FDI in completed projects for operation and            management of townships, malls/shopping complexes, and business centres; no            restrictions on minimum floor area or minimum capitalisation
b) Private banks: No distinction between foreign investment categories; foreign            institutional investors, foreign portfolio investors and qualified foreign investors can      invest up to 74%
c) DTH and Cable: 100% FDI in direct-to-home cable networks
d) Broadcast: 49% FDI in new channels
e) All of the above
11.       The Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee, headed by former law secretary TK            Vishwanathan, released the first draft of a proposed bankruptcy law on November 4,            2015. Select the correct statements about the draft proposals:
a) A total of 180 days to deal with insolvency that may arise due to business failures or         economic downturns
b) Early identification of financial distress to help revive ailing companies
c) Better handling of conflicts between creditors and debtors
d) Distinguishing willful defaulter vis-a-vis genuine business failures
e) All of the above
12.       Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 5, 2015 unveiled three gold schemes,            namely the Gold Monetisation Scheme, Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme and Gold Coin    and Bullion Scheme. Select the correct statements about the Sovereign Gold Bond            Scheme:
a) To be issued by the Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the Government
b) The bonds will be denominated in multiples of grams of gold with a basic unit of one      gram
c) The bonds will be restricted for sale to resident Indian entities including individuals,     Hindu Undivided Families, trusts, universities, Charitable institutions
d) Minimum permissible investment will be 2 units
e) All of the above
13.       The Reserve Bank of India fixed the FPI investment limits in rupee terms in October            2015 and raised the limits in phases to reach _____ of the outstanding stock by March 2018.
a) 1 per cent                b) 2 per cent                c) 3 per cent                d) 4 per cent
e) 5 per cent
14.       Which Committee submitted its report on monitoring of CSR spendings to ‘Government  in October 2015?
a) Anil Chabhra Panel
b) Anil Baijal Panel
c) Suraj Khan Panel
d) Mahesh Thakur Panel
e) Kamalkant Panel
15.       The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October 2015 approved         amendments in the Payment of Bonus Act 1965 for the Industrial workers. The bonus       ceiling under the legislation was increased from Rs. 3500 to _____ per month.
a) Rs. 4000                  b) Rs. 4500                 c) Rs. 5000                  d) Rs. 6000
e) Rs. 7000
16.       Which of the following options highlights the main feature of Electronic Development  Fund Policy?
a) It would take minority participation in seed Funds, Angel Funds and Venture Funds
b) It will invite requests from professionally managed private/public funds
c) Participation in a fund may vary depending on the nature of the fund and risk
d) It will support both Indian and foreign funds registered in India
e) All of the above

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