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Name:  mmmmmmbbbbb
TIME:  1.00P.M

The actual interview started at 3.20 p.m, my interview was about 5 min.
In my panel there were three men and one lady  in the order of (M1-M2-L1-M3).


M1- He stares at me throughout the interview process by just leaning on the table(very eager about my answers.)
M2: cool guy with lots of questions
L1: very much stuffed with my resume, and she is the one who drives the interview.
M3: very suspicious one, having a book in hand and covering his face. But he notices me all the time without my knowledge.(But i know that)
Me: May i come in please
All: Welcomed me with warm and energetic voice.
Me: Good afternoon mam , good afternoon sirs.
Before sitting they asked me what u ate and what’s your height(since i am tall)
L1: sit down .
Me: Thank you mam
L1: As you are tall, do you basketball.
Me: No, ma m i am volleyball player.
L1: Are you a state player
Me: No mam
M2: where did u play
Me: I used to play in colleges and schools.
(I briefed about my childhood days matches and my height in school days.)
M2: having this much marks in 12th , why u want to switch to this career.
Me: Explained but M2 was not completely satisfied
M2: what had u prepared for the interview
Me: I said basic banking terms, current affairs and my core knowledge.
M2: What do you know about banking.
Me: I said the basic definition and the facilities provided by them
All: But they were not satisfied(expecting more)
M1: What is service tax, e.g. ?, tax?
Me: I said, service tax is the tax that is levied on service sector. Example is the IT companies or the service sector . And i said no idea for the tax rate.
L1: How much marks do you expect in the written exam
Me: 85-90
L1: Is its a good score
Me: No mam, its a average score.

Finally everybody each other and asked others to put questions towards me, but no one questioned me.

So finally my interview came to an end sir.

Overall my interview is average to me sir. There is fear in me and happy at the same time for not asking any banking questions.
So i am both gifted and afraid about the results.....

Thank you

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