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Good morning sir... Done my interview of po today and don't know how it was..... Dey just asked me my name my father occupation after that asked did you read today's newspaper... I said sorry sir I haven't read but I know important news Dat Mr Modi is coming to Lucknow for inogration of some convocation ceremony... Dan second one what is bank... So I said bank is Institutions ie financial institutions and operations it performs is banking like lending deposit letter of credit bank issue.. ND dn he asked what other value added services I said atm facility dn pointed to Mobile I said yes sir Mobile banking dn second member asked what is stagflation I lost up at that time.. I just when the value of money decrease when demand is less.. I said it he just what all flation you know I said inflation deflation stagflation he said this only m saying he asked do you know about companies I said yes he asked what is c which I really don't know I said sorry sir.. Den he asked PFd.. I said pension funds he said yes for whom I said pensioners dn he asked who cm of up I said Mr akhilesh Yadav dn he asked what scheme he launched for girls all girls not only poor segment I only recalled Dat kanya vidhyadhan dn he said for all girls I said for Central scheme I know beti bachao and beti padhao bt for up I know only this.. Rest 3 member didn't asked.. Said dats all Priya... I said thank you and left... I literally not able to judge how the interview was..

Candidates – you must read newspaper of the interview date and at least two days prior to that thoroughly.

ALSO FIND OUT by visiting the centre the nature of questions asked by the Board.  Also one should not hesitate to be the first student of the day.
This candidate has done well barring a few questions and much depends on written test marks also.
Best wishes

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