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RBI prints notes without security features and recalls them now

30 thousand crore worth 1000 Rupee bank notes of  printed and issued by the Reserve Bank  missing the without silver fiber created bombshell around economists and allover India

In which 20 thousand crore is with RBI and Rs 10 crore is in circulation, according to RBI.

In this case, All banknotes in the series of 5AG, 3AP , the Reserve Bank announced it would stop circulation 5AG, 3AP to public and to recall all notes from Banks.

All banknotes printed mistakenly by The Central Region, in hosankapat Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) and then brought into Nashik .

All banknotes printed by mistake in the series has decided by RBI to burn with fire.

RBI issued a notice to the Managing Director of SPMCIL Press and harshed for the mistake done.

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