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 a. We will make available ‘Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account’ (BSBD Account) without the requirement of any minimum balance subject to compliance with the instructions on Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for opening of bank accounts issued by RBI from time to time. We will also offer / provide minimum common facilities including the facility of ATM card or ATM-cum-Debit Card without any charges, which will be made known to you. The relevant details will be made known to you in a transparent manner at the time of opening of the account.
b. We will also extend the facility of opening such accounts on the basis of simplified KYC norms. However, such accounts will be additionally treated as “Small Accounts” and subjected to restrictions which will be made known to you in an easy to understand manner and in the local language.
c. We will also prominently display in all our branches in bilingual / trilingual the requirements for opening “Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account” and also the documentation required under simplified KYC norms for opening “Small Account”.
d. We will also take steps, including training, to create awareness about the above among our staff, particularly the frontline staff.
e. We will make available, free of cost, basic banking facilities like maintaining of accounts with a specified number of withdrawals in a month, General Credit Card and transfer of benefits from State and Central Governments through electronic platforms.
f. We will provide value added services, if so desired, by you either free of cost or with low charges, to be notified upfront in the language known and understood by you.
g. If there are any changes in the services, transactions or the charges, these will be made known at least one month prior to these becoming effective.
h. The changes, if any, will be communicated through means appropriate to you, such as by display in the Notice Board of the branch, or through the Business Correspondent or through letters, etc.
i. Where we do not have a branch, we will endeavour to have a Business Correspondent (BC) / Business Facilitator (BF) in unbanked areas as per guidelines and road map agreed to, if any, with Reserve Bank of India to enable the opening of accounts, deposit and withdrawal of money, subject to amount and number of transactions, balance enquiry, etc., as also to facilitate transfer of money from one place to another.
 j. We will also endeavour to provide Mobile Banking facilities.
k. We will also endeavour to provide other modes of remittance including mobile phones, electronic platforms like ECS, NEFT, etc.
l. We will be responsible for all acts of omission and commission of the BC / BF and any complaint lodged against them will be investigated.
 m. We will offer, in case of need, a credit facility at affordable cost, subject to terms and conditions which will be made known to you at the time of applying for the credit facility.
n. We will explain to you the various credit plans available, including minimum information which the bank may need for processing your loan application, the most important terms and conditions applicable to such loans, the security which may be charged to the bank, the manner and periodicity of application of interest, repayment procedure, etc.
o. We will not insist on collateral security for credit limits up to Rupees One lakh (excludes loans to MSE customers where higher collateral free limit of `10 lakh is applicable).
p. In case you face any financial difficulty in relation to the credit facility availed by you, we will consider such cases sympathetically and positively.
q. You may keep us informed of any financial difficulty you may face, as above, to help us assist you overcome your difficulties.
r. We will endeavour to help you to overcome your difficulties by, where desirable, drawing up a revival package, if such package is considered desirable in the interest of both of us.
s. We will educate and guide the account holders the manner of operating bank accounts either under normal branch banking or through alternate channel including using devices under Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled platforms.
t. We will undertake financial literacy activities to educate customers.
u. We will organize camps, stalls and town hall events to promote the cause of financial inclusion in towns and villages with participation by the target group.
v. We will introduce a mechanism in the bank to educate our staff across levels about the financial inclusion efforts in the country in general and in the bank, in particular.
 w. We will put in place a system of regular / ongoing visits by the bank’s officials to the unbanked areas where financial inclusion initiatives have been undertaken to ensure end-implementation of the bank’s efforts.
x. We will endeavour to attend promptly to your complaints, if any and resolve them at the earliest.
y. In case you have any grievance about the bank or its BC / BF, we will make known the manner of lodging complaints and the mechanism in the bank for resolution of complaints, as also the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, in case your complaint is not resolved or resolved to your satisfaction by the bank.

z. We will give wide publicity to the financial inclusion programme and educate the customers about various products and services.

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