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1> Start Up Stand Up India is for encouraging budding entrepreneurs, then why don't you go into that?

Ans.  My parents cannot afford to help me with initially with money that is needed to start a business. I do not have a liking for doing business wherein one may get huge success or failure depending on various factors.   I have a desire to join an organisation wherein I can be of service to people, earn my salary and get job satisfaction. 

2> There is so much scope of Electrical engineering, so many career opportunities in it...then why banking?

Sir, To this question should I answer that: Although things are changing slowly and gradually ..but the scope for girls in core sector is still less.
This is sounding something negative, that's why I was not very much convinced with this answer.
ANS:  The job opportunities available in Electrical engineering is not appreciable when compared to the number of persons competing for such jobs.  Banking sector has been growing every year to meet the needs of increasing population.  There is scope for good career growth in banking.
3>what innovation or what changes do u want to bring in banking system?

Sir, almost all the things have been digitized, also many measures have been taken to reach to rural ppl ... so now what else can be the change or innovation?
ANS: Now we have CTS system wherein cheques images are sent by collecting banks to paying banks.  Instead customer himself must be able to send cheque images to his banker and the banker must send such images for collection.

Also if inter connectivity can be established a customer must be able to transact in any bank branch over his account with any other bank branch.  This is similar to ATMs wherein we can use the debit card of any bank.

Forms to be filled in may be simplified further to make it convenient for customers to make use.  Bank websites and customers’ account must be capable of resisting hacking by others.

4> Reason for reduction in value of money in last few weeks?

One reason could be more imports than exports ... what could be other reasons

Ans.   Demand for dollar is rising for making payment for our imports.  Our exports are not rising for the past over one year.  This may be due to competition posed by other countries like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.   Also due to stock market reducing index and foreign inward remittances are not adequate to meet the increased demand for dollars. 

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