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It was more like conversation 1st than interview; The panel consist of 4 male members 1 female member.
 My interview was on 22jan and in 19th no out of 24 candidates.
So i entered (May i please come in..yes come in pl) madam was close so i wished her 1st thn others.
When i reached my chair i was excited as well as nervous so hit the panel table wth my shoes unknowingly. I thought i m finished nw.
But amazingly they told common no problem; settle down it happens said sorry sir and thank you.
I checked every member face confidently...
Now starts the conversation in oriya (My mother tongue)
Panel Head-1.whr you belong to?(Bargarh District a part of Western Odisha)
Member you knw near to your area thr is a HO of a RRB do you knw the bank(Utkal Grameen Bank).Good very good.
Mem4.Who controls RRB and how they are different from other commercial bank?(replied well  they said good).
Panel head-a) what is your father’s name (I told them his name is Shankar pr dash he passed away in 2011…we are sorry to hear tht)
b)hv you ny work exp (I said no sir bt I m working wth a uncle business firm whr I look for clients who cn invest in share market and insurance products ..oh thn hw much they pay you I told 8k per month thts vry less amount I said yes sir bt hv to endure it)
Mem2-Did you qualified last tym for itnvw  (yes sir) hw much was the score( 86 in written) and in interview? (60-65 out of hundred ). Hw many questions you hv attended this tym (I answered) R u confident of scoring well?(Yes sir I am confident)
FMember-What is share (I explained she said explain in ur mother tongue I explained her again) she said I agree ok nw tell different types of share(Madam I extremely sry I cnt recall all nw) ok do you knw about preferential share(I explained )ok .(This conversation was totally in my mother tongue oriya)
Mem4-So Pritish we can see you done Bpharma thn you are in this line can you explain selling pharma products is easier or FMCG..Sry I dnt knw (Actually I cld nt heard him properly) Mr pritish FMCG Fast moving consumer goods.I said sry can you please repeat the question I cld nt heard you properly.He told me tell like this even I was wondering…ok he repeat tht question (Nw I took 2 secs and explained constraint of pharma markets and products over FMCG and explained him many things to arrive at conclusion and to this ans everyone were satisfied I hope so coz there was a pleasing smile rather than smirking.)
He questioned me ok thn in ur view which is channel preferable to sell pharma products earn profit (I explained him and hope so he was satisfied.(I thnk this situational question was rel to online selling of med and I explained in tht lieu)
Panel Head-so u suggest clients to invest in share market for good returns ok as you knw I m a old guy and I hv 10lacs capital wl u promise me to give a 20% return on invested amt just like bank guarantees me on FDs(I smiled a little and said  to be frank sir I cannot guarantee you tht return coz share market is full of risk taking and as an advisor I wl nt suggest you to invest in riskier portfolios rather thr are several other good plans whr you can get good returns )what are they ?(I said mutual funds )why they dnt invest in market (I said they invest bt invest in different variety of stocks starting from bluechips comp to Z-scripts whr risk mitigated by others and in end u get 10-12% return).Gud u knw many things keep it up.
Mem 4-Recently share market fall by 500pts can you explain why(I said sry sir I am nt tracking the market since many days bt as it seems this is January thr must be heavy profits booking and FIIs may going out of market so it is falling bt it wl recover)What is profit booking hw it affects market(I explained promptly)He said thr are other reasons too bt its ok and thank you.

Mem 5 was going to ask me another question bt Panel head interrupted him ..we have asked him a lot of questions we have others to ask .He turn to me Mr Dash we are pleased to talk wth you ,Our Best wishes Good Luck and Thank you.I stand up thanks everyone and said hv a nice day ahead..
The Total interview was around 15-17 mins calculated by my frnds.Overall conversation was vry good and panel wer vry frndly and was asking question in ENGLISH, HINDI, ORIYA.

Pritish Dash.

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