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Date: 22-Jan-2016
Time: 1:00 PM
CENTER: UCO BANK, Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Me n My Friend PRITAM DASH reached center at 12:45 PM then We move for 5th Floor for Document Verification.

Document Verification and Biometric Over by 1:30 PM and I am in No. 4.... Feeled Relax ....

At 1:40 PM they call three students ... and At 1:45PM interview started... As Roll 2 Boy was busy in documentation i was given Roll 3. And My Interview Started at 2:09 PM 

IN PANEL 5 MEMBERS( 4 MALE N 1 FEMALE ) In this manner

     M3    M2   M1  M4   F1


Bell Rings i am In::::

Me: May i come in
Panel: Yes Yes Mr. DEEPAK

Me: Yes Sir I am Deepak Kumar Das

Panel: Ok

Me: Good Afternoon Madam n Good afternoon Sirs

Panel: Good Afternoon MR. DAS sit Down
ME: Thank you Madam n Thank you Sirs

M1: Mr. Deepak Introduce Yourself?
ME: I am Deepak Kumar Das from Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Odisha 
Basically i am from Defence family as my father from Indian Airforce

M3(Intruppted): Your Father retd. Or Still working?
Me: Sir Now Retd.

M1: Continue
Me: I completed my graduation in Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from Seemanta Engineering College Mayurbhanj

M3(Interrupted): Seemanta Engineering who is founder of your college?
Me: Late Paresh Chandra Basa

M3: Who is now managing ur college?

All laughed n said u left d name

Me: With a smile sorry sir

M1: Continue your introduction
Me: My Hobbies are Teaching n Cooking?

M2: Teaching whom you Teach?
Me: Sir small KIDS of class 1 and 2

M3: How much you earning from that?
Me: Sir 3000 per month

M4: 3000 good
M2; Continue
Me; I have 1 and Half year of experience in working with BSNL 

M3: BSNL good Why BSNL getting loss as compared to other telecom companies?
Me: Sir its all SERVICE that matters in every field and being a contractual employee of BSNL, BSNL service is bit slower then private companies.

M2: Good , Deepak In Odisha there is one Govt. Medical college Made by Mayurbhanj King. Can u name ?
Me: Yes sir i can its SCB MEDICAL COLLEGE by King Shriram Chandra Bhanjadeo
M2: Good So who is the King of Mayurbhanj now?
Me: Sorry Sir

F3: What are your Strength and Qualities?
Me: Madam i am Hardworking, Sincere with having positive attitude toward my Goal and I am having qualities like Leadership n management qualities

F1: Justify
Me: Madam I am selected as Best volunteer during my Intermediate and Graduation and Organised the annual function of My college.
F1: Good with a sweet satisfied smile

M3: Kya padh ke aye ho? Kahin coaching li? 
Me: Sir Basic coaching li hai den ghar par khud se set practice and sir Banking related ki padhaai ki hai

M4: What is MSF?
Me: MSF stands for Marginal Standing facility which is at present 7.25%
And it is a rate at which rbi lends to its customer of 2% NDTL for overnight with a denomination of 1 crore and its multiple 

M2: What is Call Rate? 
Me: Call rate is the interest rate paid by the banks for lending and borrowing for daily fund requirement. Since banks need funds on a daily basis, they lend to and borrow from other banks according to their daily or short-term requirements on a regular basis.

M2: Very Good, What is Bank Rate and Base Rate?
Me: Bank rate 
is the rate at which RBI lends money to banks for long period which is now 7.25%
Base rate is the minimum rate set by the Reserve Bank of India below which banks are not allowed to lend to its customers. Base rate decided by individual bank.

M2: Good Good Do u know MCLR?
Me: Yes Sir The Reserve Bank of India has brought a new methodology of setting lending rate by commercial banks under the name Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR). It will replace the existing base rate system from April 2016 onwards. 


M3: GOOD What is PSL?
Me: PSL stand Priority Sector Lending it means& lending to needy sectors of society. It include Agriculture, Education, Housing, MSME, Renewable Energy, Social Infratructure, Export....&

M2(Finally): Banking awareness to poora padh& ke aaye ho....Good
Tell me How RBI controls INFLATION?
Me: The RBI tries to control inflation by raising the policy rates ( CRR, SLR, repo rate, bank rate)

M1(With a Smile): OK MR DEEPAK All d best 
Me: with a smile Stand slowly Thank u Madam n Thank you Sirs....^

Panel: All wished with a smile

My Interview Ends at 2:21 PM  Almost 12 minutes.
Friends These all about My Interview Experience I feel satisfied.... Hoping for best. All the best readers.

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