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A few Questions asked in IBPS PO interview today in Chandigarh centre:

few Questions asked in IBPS PO interview today in Chandigarh centre:
1. What is repo rate,reverse repo rate ,crr,slr
2. about rbi logo
3. rtgs,neft
4. limitations of repo rate
5. inflation
6. inflation control without using repo rates(hypothetical question supposing urself as rbi governor) 
7. previous job related questions
8. thesis topic in case of post graduation
9. konark temple is in which state
10. gdp. how much growth is expected by rbi
CANDIDATES -- I suggest you visit your interview centre and talk to candidates who have completed the interview and try to get the questions asked. This will help you prepare for your interview. Also you may please send the list through email to
blessings and good wishes

4.  One of the limitations of repo rate is that it will be effective only when banks are in need of funds.  This may not have any effect in a situation where banks are flooded with funds in surplus.
6.  Controlling inflation -- Steps to be taken to reduce money in supply by increasing CRR, SLR.  Also cost of funds to be increased by raising Bank rate, Repo rate.  

Also government can resort to borrowing from market, if necessary by offering attractive interest rate so that excess money will be absorbed in these borrowings and money supply will come down.  These measures will result in reducing inflation/

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