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The under given questions were asked from my interview.
PO Interview @ Rohtak, Haryana
Panel: 4 Male 1 female
Category: General
Parmod: Knocked the door, asked permission, greeted and thanks for the seat.
M1- Have you come earlier too?
Pramod: Yes, in IBPS clerk –
M1: So, what happened then? 
nhi hua sir.
M2: So what’s your qualifications, tell me quick
Pramod: I m a graduate in Economics from K.U
M2: Oh, in economics,
M3: What does ur father do
Pramod: Sir he is a farmer –
M3: How much land do you have
Pramod: Approximate 3 Acre –
M3:What do you grow
Pramod: Wheat, rice, and vegetables like tomatoes –
M3: where do you sell
Pramod: In village itself, sometime to reliance fresh or to the agents of traders from Delhi –
M3:Whats the rates (of vegetables)
Pramod: Sir, it keeps changing according to market, right now around 20/kg –
M3: What did u do after graduation
Pramod: Sir, i spend some time in volunteering for an NGO and in traveling. – Name of NGO Navdanya –
M3: Volunteering is for free, did nothing for money?
Pramod: Sir I m a teacher. –
M2: Where do u teach
Pramod: At a private academy in karnal. –
M2: What do u teach
Pramod: Spoken english & IELTS –
M1: what r Law of demand and supply
Pramod: Various laws which state that demand and supply inter-related. and then i said sometime rates decrease and sometime increases when demand changes –
M2: How both increase and decrease
Pramod: Sir, in different situations, like in case of giffen goods –
M1:Tell Economic indicators
Pramod: GDP GNP Sensex National Income Inflation 
Keep telling more .. 
– inflation is not an indicator 
– ok sir.
M4: Tell Two economist name
Pramod: Thomas maltus & Amartya sen- Indian –
M4: How teaching exp. help in bank
Pramod: I started in hindi and he interrupted, asked you teach spoken english & IELTS, 
I replied, yes sir. 
– Then why don you reply in hindi when i am asking in english 
I m sorry sir, i can speak in english. Then explained how patience and sayisfying the need of students comes handy while satisfying the need of customers. –
M4: would you like a leader or follower? Ofcourse, a leader, but i understand a leader isn’t who just order but lead the team with. –
M4: where is certificate of your teaching experience
Pramod: Sir i m still working, so no experience letter right now –
M4: But you have been teaching from long 6 years, how do we know you are speaking truth.
Pramod: I accept it sir, i did a mistake –
M1: It’s ok. Take care of it in future –
W1: Marshall’s definition of economics
Pramod: Sorry ma’m, i can’t recall right now.
Okay beta, U can go now. Good luck for your future. 
Said have a nice day to all and left the room.
They were not strict at all but quick to question & counter question for every answer.
Answer carefully, they will make questions out of it.
Mostly candidates were asked their introduction, their hometown features, father occupation and background and then cross-questions. 
Rest questions were from basic banking & graduation subjects.

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