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Documents checked at 2:30 and my turn came at 3:45 pm
I had entered the room and wished all of them 4M and 1F
M1: hello chirag
Me: yes sir
M1: So u had done Mcom?
Me: yes sir
M1: tell about your family?
Me : told 
M1 : from where u had prepared for exam
Me: told
M2: how many attempts in this exam ?
M1: which other exam u had given?
Me told
M1 : how much expense our govt had done on republic day in 2014?
Me : i dont know sir
M2: how many union territories are there in india
Me : 7
M2: what is difference between states and UT?
Me: told (they were not satisfied)
F1: tell about new amendments of companies act?
Me : not able to recall at the time so said i dnt know mam
M4: what is partnership deed?
Me: explained
M4: gud what will happen to bank if it is not registered with registrar of companies?
Me; told
M4: we should register our partnership deed or not?
Me: yes sir
M3: what is memorandum of association?
Me: explained
M1: what is tax audit?
Me; explained acc to my knowledge as i have not studied it as a subject (not satisfied with my answer)
M1 explained me about the tax audit
M1: ok thank you chirag you can go all the best........
total time duration 10 mins

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