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A two minute walk can undo harms of oversittinG -- essay writing

With evidence mounting that sitting for long stretches of time is unhealthy , many of us naturally wonder how best to respond. Should we stand up, or is merely standing insufficient? Must we also stroll or jog or do jumping jacks? 

A new study offers some helpful perspective, suggesting that even a few minutes per hour of moving instead of remaining in a chair might substantially reduce the harms of oversitting. As most of us have heard by now, long bouts of sitting can increase someone's risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, kidney problems and premature death. These risks remain elevated even if someone exercises but then spends most of the rest of his or her waking hours in a chair. 

In a representative and sobering study being published next month in Diabetologia, scientists found that every hour that overweight adults spent watching television, which is a handy way to measure sitting time at home, increased their risk of becoming diabetic by 3.4%. But despite such health concerns, simply advising people to abandon their chairs and stand all day is impractical. Many of us who have experimented with standing or treadmill desks have discovered that they can have their own deleterious impacts on typing accuracy, general productivity and our lower backs. 

But because this study is observational, said Dr Srinivasan Beddhu, a professor at the University of Utah, it doesn't prove that walking instead of sitting directly reduces death risk, only that the two are associated.

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