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DOs and DONTs for taking psychometric tests

A few companies conduct psychometric tests while recruiting people.   It is good to be guided as to how one should fact such tests.  


DOs and DONTs for taking psychometric tests
These suggestions are offered as suggestions that may be helpful when taking tests, but are not intended to replace instructions given for specific tests.


Use guessing wisely – it is particularly useful if you are left with two possible answers, but cannot choose between them

Rush to finish all the questions in the time allowed – often you are not expected to finish the test
With numerical questions, look for shortcuts or approximations that can save you time
Spend too long on a question – if you get stuck skip it and come back to it later if you have time
Find an appropriate balance between speed and accuracy
If taking an test over the internet – make sure that the room is suitable, e.g. quiet, free from disruptions
Read questions carefully
Make assumptions about the questions – just deal with the information in front of you


Be confident – believe you can do well on the test

Don’t panic – remember tips like deep breathing if you feel nervous
Pace yourself steadily and don’t get stuck

Be focussed in your thinking when taking the test

Read the instructions carefully

Get the speed/accuracy trade-off right

Start with an easy question to get your confidence up

In the psychometry tests, approach them with a positive attitude.  Also, mark answers which will show you as a person with positive attitude and self-confidence.


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