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This candidate is good in answering questions.  He has been helping his father in his small business in A.P.  deserves encouragement.  He missed ibps clerks by 0.2 mark though he has scored very well compared to the scores in Tamil Nadu.

He has done this interview well.  I wish him all the best.  Blessings.

good evening sir yesterday I attended SBI associate clerk interview so I wanna share my interview experience reporting time :12:00PM,venue :HYDERABAD SBI RD my certificate verification started at 12:40,I am the 4th member of panel 2, my document verification ended at 1 pm,I am eagerly waiting for my turn,my turn came at 3 pm,there are 5 members (4M+1F), all are above 55+ chairman at middle and he is from north indian now the interview start 1).what's your father doing a).i mentioned that dialy wage earner so they asked actually we are preparing papads then he said he is not dialy wage earner he is business man then I said he is small business man all are laughed 2).ramesh you have three years teaching experience in maths then I said yes ok then I ask maths questions then I said ok sir he asked from geometry about direct common tangent and transverse common tangent a).I explained detailly
3).then another member asked about completely about standard GK like common wealth games and that list the countries and where it held last year a).in glasgow but I forget about common wealth countries 4 ).how many members in loksabha and rajya sabha a).I explained with their chairperson 5).what is consortium advances? A)group of lenders used to lend to one single borrower then some cross questions came from that question 6)what is indirect marketing with examples a).I explained with examples like advertising,blogs,pomplets now chairman asked what is swaps I explained but he is not satisfied than I said in depth I don't know sir
friends this is my interview they didn't ask any questions from banking and current affairs but mam asked what is today news then I said 6 important points

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