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Hi this is Satish Biradar from Hyderabad today I had my interview and here I'm sharing my experience so that it will help the other candidate.

Name : Satish Biradar

Reporting time : 12pm

Panel : 7

Interview lasted for : 22 Minutes

Category : General

Document verification has started sharp at 12:10 and it lasted for 1 hour 30 minutes then they asked to have lunch and come back within the 30min.
After waiting for long time my turn came at 3:55pm.
I entered the room and greeted everyone. There were 4 male and 1 female person in my panel. There were 2 sofas on one the chairmen was sat and opposite to him there was one more sofa for the candidate. And all other panel members were sat on table. There were no question from my biodata and no question from my hobbies.
These are the question they asked me.
1. Have to taken coaching somewhere.
A. No I prepared by my own.
2. What all have u read for GK and banking.
A. Said.
3. What r credit rating
A. Answered
4. How credit rating works in India.
A. Answered but not satisfied.
5. What is the difference between credit rating and credit information.
A. Answerd but again they looked like not satisfied.
6. Who will give credit rating.
A. Told crisil, and they asked to tell one more. I said I can't recall it now. They gave clue and said  I.... Suddenly I remembered and said ICRA.
7. Is there is any credit rating for countries.
A. Said yes
8. What r they
A. Said about standard and poor, Moody's. They looked satisfied.
9. Suppose if I borrow loan from canara bank and I repaid all my due but took 2 month more. What rating I will get.
A. Sorry mam I don't know.
10. She gave hint like A++, A+,A-, B++.
A. I said no mam u won't get a++, a+ etc as u took two month more to repay back the loan. So u get even low rating somthing like C-.
She laughed and said what rating is below C-. I said I don't know. She said it is called SCORE its like minimum cut off. If u get below this than u hardly get loan from other bank. I thanked her.
11. What rating does India got .
A. Sorry mam I don't know.
Then she said India is placed at the bottom of most of the countries. They r telling that India is improving but the fact is we didn't. And she laughed a little and all panel member joined in her laughter.
12. What is biotechnology.
Answered with example.
13. what subject u learnt in biotechnology.
14. What is the difference between saving account and term account.
A. Started with little histation but ended it really very well gave 4 to 5 difference, he seemed very much impressed.
15. What is CASA.
A. Answerd it superb. Explained him everything in depth. Looked impressed again.
16. What r progressive asset.
A. Just gave a definition.
17. Asked about derivative.
A. Said I have seen and read it many time but can't recall it now. It is related to SEBI I said. He smiled and said u r right boy.
There r still some question which I couldn't remember and I was unable to answer to those question. For most of the people interview lasted for 10 min and 12min but for me it was for 21 minute and bunch of question. Most of the people faced the question from there biodata and current affairs. But for me each and every question is relating to bank. I'm not sure about my selection as I haven't answered to so many question. So my suggestions to other is prepare for the WORST. If they ask easy question u can easily manage without any problem, but wat if they ask something unusual question like In my case. So all he best. And Gr8ambitionz, thanks a lot, because of u ppl I was able to answered to those few question. Thanks a ton.

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