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Directions. Q.101-120: In the following passage at certain points you are given a choice of three words marked (A), (B) and (C), one of which fits the meaning of the passage. Choose the best word out of the three. Mark the letter. viz.. (A), (B) or (C), relating to this word on your Answer Sheet.
        We all like listening to
101. (A)  lectures      (B)   theories      (C)   stories
         and the person who is good
102. (A)   on        (B)   at      (C)   by
         telling stories will always be a
103. (A)   popular      (B)   good     (C)   necessary
         member of any company. The art
104. (A)   on      (B)   of      (C)   at
         good story-telling covers much more than
105. (A)   describing      (B)   making      (C)   showing
         up fabulous adventures; it includes telling
106. (A)   about      (B)   by      (C)   famous
         the doings of living people or
107. (A)   insignificant      (B)   Dead      (C)   famous
        men and women of the past,
108. (A)   in      (B)   about      (C)   through
         your own travels and adventures and
109. (A)   experiences,      (B)   desires      (C)   worries
         about the books you have read
110. (A)   either      (B)   all      (C)     and
         the films you have seen. Practising
111. (A)   an      (B)   a      (C)    the
         art of story-telling can be very
112. (A)   useful      (B)   dangerous      (C)   contagious
         too. It will help you to
113. (A)   listen      (B)   remember      (C)   thing
         clearly and logically, to sort out
114. (A)   her      (B)   their      (C)   your
         ideas to express yourself clearly and
115. (A)   timidly,      (B)   effectively       (C)   bluntly
         to gain and hold the attention
116. (A)   at      (B)   on      (C)   of
         others. It will help you to
117. (A)   shake      (B)   lay      (C)   hit
         off shyness and self-consciousness, and give
118. (A)   she      (B)   you      (C)   I
         that feeling of freedom
119. (A)   then      (B)   what      (C)   which
         is so important to
120. (A)   success      (B)   victory      (C)   gain

         in life.

      101. (C)       102. (B)       103. (A)       104. (B)       105. (B)       106. (A)      
107. (C)       108. (B)       109. (A)       110. (C)       111. (C)      112. (A)       113. (C)     
114. (C)      115. (B)       116. (C)      117. (A)       118. (B)       119. (C)       120. (C)

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