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Interview Experience SBI Associate Clerks by Vidyasagar (Telangana)

Interview Experience SBI Associate Clerks by Vidyasagar (Telangana)

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Hi friends. I am VIDYASAGAR from Telangana

As this is my First SBI CLERK interview, I felt quite excited to post this, I am sure it will be help for someone who is going for upcoming interviews.

Date : 12/05/2015 9:00AM

Venue  : State Bank Learning Centre, Hyderabad

panel : 4

qualification : B.E ( ECE) 2014 Passed out.

My Serial Number for interview : 21
   I reached the venue at 08:20AM in a hurry because of RTC indefinite strike on that day. However after so many difficulties in travelling I reached the venue. My Certificate verification was completed by 10:45 AM as I am the last person in my panel. At last 04 candidates out of 21 are absent for interview. Ohhh... My doubt was cleared when I was called to sign on attendance sheet i.e... The interview call is purely based on Roll number Order not at all merit order as all are speculating. I Felt some what relaxed after getting my doubt cleared.

     Panel 4 is very slow in conducting interviews , I started waiting since 10:56AM. I was tensed after watching facial expressions of Other interview attended candidates, All completed candidates are giving Different pair of questions no single candidate has reported common questions...  All are really Panicked with an incident that a Girl of Panel 5 came out Crying ... Surroundings suddenly rushed to heat. Its 2:10PM, All panels completed there morning shift interviews and started next shift also but still Panel 4 is at 16 th candidate.
    Finally at 3:32PM My turn came.

Here comes the Interview experience:::

Total 5 member panel (4M+1F) all are aged above 50 .
(Calling Alarm Rang)

Me: May I get in Sir..
Chairman: (with Smile) Yes , Come in
Me: thank you Sir ( forgot to wish them)
C: Ya, Take your seat and make Yourself get comfort with Chair
Me: Yes , sir I will . Thank you so much
C:         well, VIDYASAGAR G , could you tell about the famous person with your Name?
Me:     Told about Eeshwara chandra VIDYASAGAR and his worked areas.
C:        Good, very few persons in India are Like Eeshwar Chandra Vidyasagar,  I advise you that at least try to read his biography once.
Me:    Sir I don't  know much about him but I know Why he got that much affection from Bengalies. And Yes, Sir I will take your advise.
C:  VIDYASAGAR your smile, Eye contact,  and Voice pitch are Completely impressive a lot but why your legs are slowly shaking , be relax
Me: ( Got Settled Well )and answered as this is my First interview. ( I didn't get any answer in my mind as this interview hall with Sofas and chair without supporting handles is completely different and made me to shiver at first so I lied as its my first one)
M3 : (with smile to chairman) Sir, He is District level Kabaddi player . that's why His legs are shaking little.
Me: (immediately taken chance with smiling ) Yes sir, I was used to be at middle taker in kabaddi court and that might be another reason .
M1( Lady) :  but Sport person Needs to control himself within 2 or 3 minutes na . Explain Game with this interview ??
Me: explained
M1(lady) : Why you have wrote Your class 12 percent as 91% instead of 93.4% (as I striked it and wrote after the advise of verification officer so she asked). Don't you need Good percentage in your class 12??
Me:  Explained clearly . Mam , I know every bank is Strict about filling forms so as in this bio data form it is clearly just mentioned only as Class 12 . so I wrote just Class 12 percentage not Complete intermediate Percentage but re-corrected it after receiving advise from one of the Verification officer to write overall Percent. But I am sure it was improper mam, SBI must have mentioned here as Intermediate or both Class11 &12 then it would be reasonable.
M1(lady) : Good
C: (with smile) Good, first of all your handwriting is really good. Biodata is getting Shine  
Me: Thank you Sir
C:  But , Why These many Hobbies how would you manage these being a Busy bank Employee?
Me: explained about each and their requirements and time with refers to banking
M1(Lady) : Yes, Too many hobbies you have .
Me: Mam this is my Biodata I must in need to mention truth so I mentioned everything honestly.
M1(lady): First 3 hobbies are OK but What is this Stone Collection hobby?
Me: explained
M1(Lady) : Lyric Writing is your Hobby (In doubt look) then Tell a lyric of your own on INDIA?
Me: with a doubt Taken permission from Chairman to Sing a Song , Sir with awesome Happy look given his Nod
Me: (thought for 10 sec) And Sung a song of my Own on Our country over 45 Sec
Chairman, M3,M4 Clapped a little and with smile appreciated.
M1(lady) : But first  Yourself need to give respect for your country . why Country Needs to expect?
Me: Explained the theme of my lyrics clearly as mam seems to be misunderstood theme
M3: Intervened in between and Explained as I am Right and I explained that only in my song.
M1(lady) : but I said to tell lyrics , why you have sung a song ?
Me: Explained about what is lyrics is and How we can express a written lyrics
M4: he Supported my view and said to mam that Lyrics mean composition of tune too
C: what are the reasons for Degrading our Countries Prestige and fame ?
Me: Explained.
C: What Is Your father Occupation ?
Me: Answered.
M3: OK , Tell us about that position( asked it in Telugu)
Me: Taken Conformation again. Can I say it in Telugu sir.
M3: Yes, I asked you to say In Telugu only.
M1: why people hates the position ?
Me: Explained
M3: If you get job Every problem goes away and your parents would be happy Right.
Me: Yes sir.
M4: Good, You must need to take care of your parents.
Me: yes Sir I always working for them only.
M2: Give me some Examples of NBFC?
Me: Just said only Muthoot finance and Agreed that I am not able to recollect more
M3: What are the difference between NBFC and BANK?.
Me: Explained
C: what are Demand Deposits?
Me: explained
M2: tell me the maximum period of Time deposits?
Me: Said.
M4: what actually impressed you in a bank to choose Banking as a career?
Me: Explained , Along with this I explained why I visited bank at first, Why I wanted to work for Govt institutions, Why not Engineering ( here I addressed problem with my height as Govt Electronics Engineer should have 155cm minimum height but I am 153.5cm only.  they Impressed a lot with this answer )
M3: Name the person who wrote national Anthem for two countries ?
Me: Answer
C: (with Smile , taken Nod from all other Members) All the best VIDYASAGAR , your interview is over. you must read a book ******* you will know same person as you , you will know everything that you want.
Me: thank you so much sir. I must read that book
M3: (when I standed up from Chair) With Great smile himself offered Shake Hand. And with smile Said VIDYASAGAR don't worry your height is increased a lot compared to others with this interview. All the Best. Must Keep your  parents proud.
Me: Thank you Sir.
All are with Pleasant smile except Mam and M2. So I just Wished them separatly.
Me: Thank you Mam. Finally Mam smiled.

Came out from Hall. Interview was over 21 Minutes.

All the best to all...hope this is helpful to at least one needy person.

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