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Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word provided?

1. remote a. automatic b. distant c. savage d. mean
2. detest a. argue b. hate c. discover d. reveal
3. gracious a. pretty b. clever c. pleasant d. present
4. predict a. foretell b. decide c. prevent d. discover
5. kin a. exult b. twist c. friend d. relative
6. pensive a. oppressed b. caged c. thoughtful d. happy
Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word provided?
7. banish a. exile b. hate c. fade d. clean
8. fraud a. malcontent b. argument c. imposter d. clown
9. saccharine a. leave b. sweet c. arid d. quit
10. drag a. sleepy b. crush c. proud d. pull
11. jovial a. incredulous b. merry c. revolting d. dizzy
12. indifferent a. neutral b. unkind c. precious d. mean
13. simulate a. excite b. imitate c. trick d. apelike
14. charisma a. ghost b. force c. charm d. courage
15. apportion a. divide b. decide c. cut d. squabble
16. generic a. general b. cheap c. fresh d. elderly
17. qualm a. distress b. impunity c. persevere d. scruple
18. wary a. calm b. curved c. confused d. cautious
19. distort a. wrong b. evil c. deform d. harm
20. sumptuous a. delirious b. gorgeous c. perilous d. luxurious
21. reel a. whirl b. fish c. hit d. mistake
22. inscrutable a. difficult b. mysterious c. inflexible d. wary
23. appall a. delirious b. covered c. dismay d. confuse
24. upright a. honorable b. horizontal c. humble d. supine
25. reverie a. palimpsest b. phantom c. daydream d. curio
26. loot a. destruction b. waste c. spoils d. cavort
27. loquacious a. talkative b. thirsty c. beautiful d. complicated
28. chimera a. chimney b. protest c. illusion d. panache
29. temerity a. audacity b. fearfulness c. shyness d. stupidity
30. educe a. demand b. elicit c. ideal d. unlawful
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31. nabob a. bigwig b. doubter c. frolic d. converse
32. pall a. light b. satiate c. carry d. horror
33. sacrosanct a. prayer b. sanctuary c. pious d. sacred
34. louche a. gauche b. fine c. brilliant d. indecent
35. stentorian a. violent b. misbegotten c. loud d. stealthy


1. b. remote means faraway, or distant
2. b. to detest means to feel intense or violent dislike, or to hate
3. c. gracious means to be pleasant or considerate in social interactions
4. a. to predict means to declare in advance or to foretell
5. d. kin means people with common ancestors, or relatives
6. c. pensive means moodily or dreamily thoughtful
7. a. to banish means to drive out from home or country, or to exile
8. c. a fraud is someone who is not what he or she pretends to be, or an imposter
9. b. saccharine means overly sweet
10. d. to drag is to pull, or to cause movement in a direction with applied force
11. b. jovial means good humored or merry
12. a. to be indifferent is to be marked by impartiality or to be neutral
13. b. to simulate is to assume the outward appearance of, or to imitate
14. c. charisma is magnetic charm or appeal
15. a. to apportion is to divide and share out
16. a. generic means having the characteristic of a whole group, or general
17. d. a qualm is a feeling of uneasiness about a moral issue, or a scruple
18. d. wary means to be attentive especially to danger, or to be cautious
19. c. to distort means to twist out of a normal state, or to deform
20. d. sumptuous means excessively costly, rich, or luxurious
21. a. one meaning of reel is to move round and round, or to whirl
22. b. inscrutable means not easily interpreted or understood, or mysterious
23. c. to appall is to overcome with shock, or to dismay
24. a. upright can mean either honorable or vertical; horizontal and supine are both antonyms of upright
25. c. a reverie means the state of being lost in thought, or a daydream
26. c. loot means goods seized in war, or spoils
27. a. loquacious means excessively talkative, or garrulous
28. c. a chimera is a fabrication of the mind, or an illusion
29. a. temerity means unreasonable contempt for danger or recklessness, or audacity
30. b. to educe means to develop something potential or latent; to elicit means to draw out something hidden or latent
31. a. a nabob is a person of great wealth or importance, or a bigwig
32. b. to pall can mean to deprive of pleasure in something by satiating
33. d. sacrosanct means the most sacred, or holy
34. d. louche means not reputable, or indecent
35. c. stentorian means loud and is usually used to imply a voice of great power and range

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