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Letter writing -- specimen --

 Write a letter to your parents about the programme which you had attended as part of your SUPW activity in your college.

 Sector-13, Kandivali, Mumbai. 15, August, 2008.
Dear mom and dad,
I am writing this letter to you as I want to share my rare experiences with you. As a part of the SUPW. activity, we had been to the village Bhojpur, which is on the way to Mathura. The village has an orphanage with 50 other students. They are visually, mentally and physically impaired. We went there to wish them a happy Dusshera. As a token of love, we prepared sweets and cutlets in the orphanage and distributed among them. Many of them rejoiced. They came forward to offer their help. Really mother! It was a tremendous pleasure to see their happy smiles. No mumbling, no crying, but simple joy! A lesson to learn that happiness is so cheap to buy! The education we received here is more useful than my engineering education. I have decided to help atleast one handicapped person everyday. Mother, I suddenly recalled your oft-quoted words, “Service is the best form of worship of God”. Now I have realised that service gives contentment and inner peace.
 Please reply immediately.
With love and regards,
Yours lovingly,

Ex-2. Write a letter to your sister inviting her for the Felicitation Function at your college. SRCC, New Delhi. 26 August 2008.
Dear Apurva,
 I am sorry I couldn’t write to you for a long time. I had my fifth semester examination, so I couldn’t spare time. Only today I have finished my exams. From today we would be busy in making arrangements for our Felicitation Function. Being an autonomous college, this is our third year function. I would be receiving silver medal for having secured 2nd rank in the past examination. As I know, our parents cannot come owing to mother’s ill-health. I would be happy, atleast if you could attend the function and be with me for sometime. His Highness, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh will give away the medals to the best students selected in the gala function. I will make arrangements for your accommodation. Expecting an early and favourable reply.
Yours lovingly,

Ex-3. Write a leave letter to your Branch Manager. Hiba, Canara Bank, R. K. Puram Branch New Delhi-22 6 November, 2008.

Branch Manager,
Canara Bank, R. K. Puram Branch
New Delhi-22.
As my mother is admitted in a hospital at Agra for an operation, I have to be with her. Hence, it would not be possible for me to attend office for two weeks. Kindly grant me special permission to take 15 days leave.
 Thank you,
Yours Truly,
Ex-4. Write a letter to the Manager, Birla Sunlife, Maharashtra for the post of a Clerk.
 Geeta colony,
15/8, Madhuban Flats, Pune. 15 November, 2008.
sub: Application for the post of a Clerk.
 I came to know that there is a vacancy for the post of a clerk in your corporate office at Pune. I am submitting my application for the same. I am a commerce graduate with typewriting higher and short-hand lower in English. I have learnt MS Windows ’98 also. I have two years of experience as an accountant. After my marriage, I couldn’t take up any job owing to my family commitments. As my child has begun going to school, I would like to take up a job near my house.

I would render sincere service, if I am offered an opportunity.
Thank you,
Yours faithfully,
1. Copy of degree certificate.
 2. Copy of typewriting, short-hand and computer certificates.
 3. Experience certificate.

Ex.-5. Write an application to ‘Aplab Industries’ for the post of trainee at the end of the third year of your course.
 Smarika Khare III Year Amity International, Noida 09, May, 2008.

The Production Manager,
 Aplab Industries, Chennai
 Sub.:  For Apprentice trainee
 I came to know that your organization encourages senior students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to undergo training under your able guidance. As I am interested in Micro Software and in assembling chips, I would be benefited, if you could give me an opportunity to undergo training. Even during summer vacation we have done a group project. A copy of the abstract of the project is enclosed for your perusal. Our summer vacation is from May 15th to June 14th of 2012.
Eagerly expecting your favourable reply.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Smarika Khare
Enclosures: 1. Bonafide Certificate.
2. A letter of recommendation from the Head of the Dept.
3. A copy of the abstract of group project.

Q.1. Write a letter to the applicants for the post of ‘Architects’ fixing a date for an aptitude test, skill test and an interview.
Q.2. Draft a letter introducing your product.
Q.3. Imagine you are a Sales Manager of Mahindra & Mahindra Products. Draft a letter to various offices explaining the special discount offer before the end of the financial year.
Q.4. Imagine you have to get a bulk order from educational institutions for Encyclopedia of Information and Knolwedge on Current Affairs. Q.5. Write a letter to the Controller of Examinations about the wrong spelling of your name in your certificate.
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