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Just a minute -- used in selection processes--JAM

Hello candidates !

Yesterday I was witnessing a selection process for a multinational  company. (observer)

The selection process consist of :

1)  Just a minute

2) Aptitude Test

3) Technical Test

4)  HR Interview

5)  Technical Interview ....etc.

I was witnessing Just a minute.   In this group of 10 candidates are assembled together.  The panel member give a topic and candidates have to talk for a minute.

Just A Minute or JAM is an all round fun event that involves extemporaneous speaking with the correct usage of Grammar, proper diction and the clarity of speech. It’s all about the control of mind over the mouth. Can you make it through 60 seconds of non-stop talking without hesitation, repetition, and deviation? Or will the sheer pressure make you crumble?

Following topics were given:

a) Global warming
b) Soft skills
c) Do Indian languages have scope for growth?
d) Smoking awareness
e) What we can learn from animals?
f) My college
g) My family
h) My school
i) Usefulness of Exercises
j) Usefulness of outdoor games
k) Politics and students
l) Freedom of speech
m) Favourite television programs
n) Favourites movie
o) My favourite hero/heroine
p) My close friend
q) Happiest day
r) Scarcity of water
s) online marketing
t)  public sector undertakings
u) privatisation of PSUs
v) Present education system
w) Insurance --usefulness
x)  Online banking/Mobile banking
y)  leadership styles
z) love marriage

Candidates were from Chennai.  All of them are graduates -- B.Com, BSc, BE, B.Tech, etc.  Believe me in one group of 10 nobody was selected.  In another group of 10 only one person was selected for the next round.

Candidates never opened their mouth.  People who spoke committed a lot of grammar mistakes.  Some were repeating the same point within one minute time.

Candidates -- Please read a lot of material in English -- newspapers, blogs, magazines.  Watch English talk shows, news channels.  utilise opportunity to talk in English with others.

Also whenever a topic is given talk on this basis:


About any topic if we analyse it will become a paragraph and one may be able to talk for one minute.

I know not all of us can be good speakers.  But many jobs --especially in call centres-- require ability to talk well in English.  Also marketing jobs require good communication skill in English/other languages.

Please write on any one topic immediately so that you can talk for a minute and send it to

The good ones will be appreciated  and posted in this blog and other blogs.

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