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Venue  : State Bank Learning Centre, Hyderabad

panel : 7

Documents required
1) SSC Certificate
2)inter or diploma certificate
3)graduation certificate

They are asking for O.D beyond 2014 passed out candidates

4) OBC if applicable

After April 1st 2014

5)Bio-data form with 4 xerox copies

Don't leave any column

Put N.A if not applicable
6) Identity proof any 1
7)Any other certificates if there.

Don't feel tensed if any of the above prescribed certificates are not
there, they will ask to write a DECLARATION FORM and have to submit
the certificates at the time of joining.

Coming to the real game

My reporting time is 9.00 am

I reached there at 8.30 am. but in a hurry I skipped the break fast.

I anticipated that there will be a canteen near the venue, but my fate
there is no canteen.

Oops..! I felt sorry for myself and entered the venue.

we were directed straight away to the verification hall.

There were 8 panels.

As Iam almost to collapse with the lack of tiffin.

To my luck we were served "good day" biscuit packets and a cup of tea.

I got verified my certificates and told to wait for the interview

we (candidates) had a small chit chat too to releave pressure.

We are 21 members in our 7th panel

mine was 20th.

I waited and waited, finally my turn came at 1.45 pm

Entered the room with a bit nervous as this was my first interview


all were 55+ of age

ME - Excuse me mam

M-1(He is the chairman)

Come in, please put your file aside and sit here

Me - ThankQ sir

M-1  You are a mechanical engineer na. Do you like banking

Me  - Yes sir. iam very much interested in banking.

M-1  good good

passed to madam

F - why marketing is done in banking

Me - To sell insurance products, and .....  I was struck, because I
didn't expect this type of question

F - marketing is done  for any loans

Me - Ha. Yes mam. I got the answer.  Marketing is also done for giving
car loans, education loans, home loans etc.

F - Ha. i want this answer.

Again M - 1

expand NITI

ME - said

M - 2  what is the difference between a 2 stroke engine and 4 stroke engine

ME - said

M - 4 is not asking any question, he just observing my facial
expressions and my hand moments

M - 3 what is NPA

I heard it as MPA And asked permission to repeat the question.

An asset which does not generate any income for the bank is called an NPA sir.

M - 1  any example

ME - vijay malya sir

o my god. As and when I answered this question they started laughing
as if they were watching a comedy movie in I-max theatre.

I started shivering, and scolding myself that I had gave a wrong answer.

They while laughing said, ok u can go boy.

As I am walking towards the door, chairman stopped me and said,

don't feel sad my boy, you said correct example only.

we were just laughing for your quick example of vijay malya.

We know he is A notorious man.

Me - thankQ sir.

and came out happily.

Note - friends you have to be well thorough in banking terms.

They were almost asking banking.

No formal questions like hobbies, introduce yourself etc.
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