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Are marriages becoming obsolete in the new world order?

The institution of Marriage is one of the oldest, most acknowledged & common feature among all the existing civilizations that is continued to be practiced generation to generation since long. The rituals and traditions may vary but the common objective is the same i.e. to establish the institution of family that could lay the foundation of a healthy, developed, civilized & tolerant social system. It was established to signify equal status of both man & women in the society and also to minimize the social evils.

Time changes, and so changes the interpretation and expression of marriage. In today's sceneries we can discuss the importance of marriage under two backgrounds i.e. urban culture and rural culture. In Urban areas, where gender inequality is marginal, both men and women are aspired to achieve higher in the field of education, and employment. Women are financially independent, have their aspirations, desires and professional goals. Under the influence of globalization & with the increased prominence of social media, Are marriages becoming obsolete in the new world order? everything is available readymade; be it food, purchasing, travel or even friendship. Social networking sites and other matrimonial sites are the latest fab. When it comes to marriage, people are now more mature, educated and choosy but at the same time more demanding, intolerant & prejudiced also. The new versions of sectarianism i.e. search of 'Caste within Class' has emerged. With increasing number of divorces, domestic violence, laws related to dowry, equal rights to live-in-partner and the offspring that resulted from such relations are some of the stimulating factors that has forced our new generation to think twice before marry. The recent trends reflects that people feel more interested and feel more comfortable on social networking rather than marrying to someone. Marriage brings responsibilities and discipline in life and the new world that has its own challenges, restrictions & commitments, is not ready to accept this extra-burden. However, the things are not as such they are being perceived by them but nobody is ready to take a chance. People take Marriage with little bit of reservation. Exceptions are those who have witnessed a blissful married life of their parents and near relatives. But they are also many times, got upset by observing the disturbing incidents happening in their surroundings. What if I don't get the right match? The question is single and still unanswered. People find it best to press the button of 'EXIT'. No Marriage, No issue.

If we talk about rural background or the countries with more gender contrast, things are just opposite. Women are still treated as an object, as a trophy or sometimes as a means to repay the obligations. They have no say in the social system. Nobody asks them whether they want to marry or not. They are just herded as cattle as per the will of their parents and society. Marriage is still an effective tool to strengthen the family ties and business collaborations as it used to be in medieval times. But if we consider the content or spirit of the ideal for which the marriage was institutionalized, it is obsolete as it is not serving the very purpose for which it was formulated.

In view of the two cases discussed above in two different backgrounds, we can conclude that the institution of marriage has lost its real meaning. Issue of marriage has become a Pandora box. Everyone is hesitant, confused and doubtful about the outcomes.

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