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SBI Associate interview at SBLC, Nungambakkam on 18/5/2015 at 9.00 AM Panel 1 :

I reached venue at 8.30 am. The documents , verification went on  for an hour and finally I moved to the interview hall. My name was 5th in the list.  Since two candidates did not turn up I was second for attending the interview. . I was called into room at 10.08 AM and I greeted everyone.  Four male members and a female member were in the panel.

M1 – 1) Tell me about your view on Modi’s china Visit
2) Recently an actor from West Bengal investigated for a  scam? What is the scam name and actor          investigated?
3)Class exemption issue in US for an Indian IT guy ( Not sure about this ques)
M2 – 1)Syndicate introduced an education loan, tell about that
          2) Alibaba had an issue with US government recently, reason for that issue ?
M3 – 1) Tell us about Fossil Fuel ?
          2) Tell us about conventional and non conventional energy
M4 – 1) Name 5 indian freedom fighters
          2) Name the Union territory which was under French and Portuguese colony
M5 – 1)Where is Indira Gandhi national park ?
2)Source and destination of Konkan railway ? Which are the states did konkan rail pass through ?


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