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BOB Manipal 2014 - Interview Experience

BOB Manipal 2014 - Interview Experience

Hello Readers,
As you all know, Bank of Baroda, in collaboration with Manipal University, is recruiting for the post of Probationary Officer. So, one of our member "K_Mayank" was selected for the Interview, which turns out to be his First Banking Interview Experience. So, here he is sharing with you all his 1st banking interview.

Place - Kolkata
Shift - 2nd Shift 
Reporting Time - 1.30  pm
Hello , friends this was my 1st banking interview. I reached the venue around 12.30. Few candidates were already present there and I started talking with them to make myself comfortable.

Document verification started around 1 pm and they checked all of my documents and taken attested copies of  them. I have self attested my documents as it was not mentioned to get it done with any gazetted officer. I was the 1st candidate in the serial number and hence I supposed I will called for GD and interview first. Around 1.30  they called 10 persons for group discussion.

#Group Discussion
There were 5 panels - 1 mam and 4 sir. We sat in almost semi-circular arrangement and as I was the first candidate I sat in right end. They asked one of us  to write the GD topic on the board.

Our GD topic was—Challenges of Marketing in Indian banking Industry

They gave us 2 mins time to think about the topic and and after 2 mins they told me to start the discussion as I was the first candidate. They have given chance initially to everybody to speak about the topic. As I sat at the right end I was able to make eye contact with every participant so it was an advantage for me I think. I started the GD with importance of marketing and customer satisfaction and discussed the challenges in the 4P (people,price,place,promotion) area and managed well . Panels were very cooperative and they give everybody about 2 mins to speak. After everybody completed their views on the topic they told us to discuss it in 5 mins. Here everybody participated and I get well chances to put my points in discussion. So overall my GD was up to my expectation level and I get more confidence after doing good GD.
Just after 5 mins, they call me for the interview as I was the first number candidate.

# My first banking personal interview.
Entered the room and wished everybody good afternoon. Same GD panel was there for the interview.
This time panel were very coperative and started with some HR questions. Then they switched to the banking question. Four persons were asking the question and 1 mam I think was observing my postures.
Overall interview are very satisfactory and as they touched the basic bank questions  I managed to answer them.

# Few Tips for GD -

  • Try to be confident and forget about thing of results.
  • Make eye contacts with all the participants while speaking
  • Don’t look at the panel at the time of speaking
  • While other speaker is sharing his views try to focus on him..don’t see at the panel at this time also as they will think you are not focusing on the GD
  • When discussion starts in last five minutes try to put your points on polite manner don’t telling other directly that you are right and others are wrong..
  • Try to sit firm and don’t  point your fingers towards any participants while iin discussion  

# Interview Question

  • What is your native place?
  • How you can use your prior experiences in banking sector(I have 2 years experience)?
  • Why you left such a good company?
  • What is call money? Who issues it ?
  • What will happen if rates are increased or decreased by RBI?
  • What is cross selling?
  • Which area is important for banking rural or urban?
  • Is insurance should be the prime focus for banking?
  • What is demand and time liabilities?
  • What is negotiable instruments?
  • What are the types of negotiable instruments?
  • Is stamping is necessary in bill of exchange?
  • Does Sbi deals in insurance ? 
  • What is the sbi insurance company name?
  • What is name of Bank of Baroda insurance product?
Lets see what the result comes but I really enjoyed my 1st banking interview experience .

Thanks a lot BA!!

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