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Directions 81-100: Each question in this section has a sentence with three underlined parts labelled (A), (B) and (C). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in any underlined part and indicate your response in the Answer Sheet against the corresponding letter i.e., (A) or (B) or (C). If you find no error, your response should be indicated as (D).
81. The reason for/his failure is because/he did not work hard./No error.
                 A                          B                                 C                        D
82. Food as well as water/is necessary/for life/No error.
                      A                         B                C          D
83. India is larger than/any democracies/in the world/No error.
                      A                             B                   C               D
84. The judge heard the arguments/of the lawyers and found/that the boy was innocent/
                        A                                                       B                                   C
      No error.
85. I have lived/in Delhi/from 1965/No error.
                A              B             C              D
86. All scientists agree/that there should be/a total ban on nuclear explosions/No error.
                 A                              B                                           C                                    D

87. Such books/which you read/are not worth reading/No error.
                A                   B                         C                         D
88. Tagore was/one of the greatest poet/that ever lived/No error.
              A                       B                                 C                  D
89. You may please/apply for an advance of salary/to cover costs of transport/No error.
                  A                                   B                                          C                              D
90. The taxi that will take the family to Haridwar/had to be ready/at six the next morning.
                                           A                                            B                                 C
      /No error.
91. Employees are expected to/adhere the rules/laid down by the management. /No error.
                       A                                  B                                    C                                   D
92.  The owner of the horse/greedily ask/too high a price/No error.
                         A                           B                      C                 D
93. I Convinced/him to/see the play/No error.
               A             B            C                 D
94. Some man/are born/great. /No error.
             A              B          C          D
95. We must sympathise/for others/in their troubles./No error.
                   A                         B                   C                     D
96. My detailed statement/is respectively/submitted. /No error.
                       A                            B                  C                D
97. I am waiting/for my friend/since this morning/No error.
               A                  B                           C                    D
98. He is representing/my constituency/for the last five years/No error.
                   A                          B                             C                        D
99. If he hears/of your conduct/he is to be unhappy/No error.
              A                   B                            C                     D
100. No sooner he appeared/on the stage than the people/began to cheer loudly/No error.

                      A                                            B                                   C                         D

81. (B): “because” should not be there        82. (D)      
83. (B): “any” comes with singular term, so democracies in inappropriate
84. (D)       85. (C): use “since”       86. (D)      
87. (B): Since the sentence is in present tense, so reading should be used     
88. (B): Should be “one of the greatest poets”
89. (A): “please” is used for some type of request and here it’s a chance given
90. (B): Since “taxi” is singular and time frame is concerned, so “had” is incorrect
91. (B): use “adhered”       92. (B): use “asked”      93. (D)      
94. (A): use “men” as it is a saying       95. (B): use “to” instead of “for”
96. (B): remove “respectively”       97. (A): use “was” instead of “am”
98. (A): use “was” instead of “is”       99. (C): use “going” after “is”
100. (A)    

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