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CERTAIN CONCEPTS--commercial banking


A. Commercial Banks refer to both scheduled and non-scheduled commercial banks which are regulated under Banking Regulation Act, 1949.
(a) Scheduled Commercial Banks are grouped under following categories:
1. State Bank of India and its Associates
2. Nationalised Banks
3. Foreign Banks
4. Regional Rural Banks
5. Other Scheduled Commercial Banks.
(b) Non-Scheduled Commercial Banks
Note: Banks in the groups (1) & (2) above are known as public sector banks whereas, other scheduled commercial banks mentioned at group (5) above are known as private sector banks.
B. Bank Offices comprise of branches doing banking business (i.e. accepting deposit and/or offering credit to their customers) and administrative offices.
C. Branches of banks refer to those offices which are engaged in either;
1. banking business ( i.e., either accepting deposit and/or offering credit to their customer); or
2. banking and foreign exchange business; or
3. administration, banking & foreign exchange; or
4. administration and banking; or
5. administration and foreign exchange; or
6. only foreign exchange business.
D. Administrative Offices include head office, zonal office, regional office, local head office, training centre, clearing cell, service branch, asset recovery branch, divisional office, etc..
E. Banked Centre is a centre, which has at least one branch or office of commercial or co-operative bank.
F. Unbanked Centre is a centre in which no branch of any commercial/ co-operative bank is functioning.
G. Population group of banked centres are defined as below:
  1. 'Rural' group includes all banked centres with population of less than 10,000.
  2. 'Semi-urban' group includes banked centres with population of 10,000 and above but less than 1 lakh.
  3. 'Urban' group includes banked centres with population of 1 lakh and above but less than 10 lakh.
  4. 'Metropolitan' group includes banked centres with population of 10 lakh and above.
H. Type of Business activity wise Designatory Code of
Branches/Offices of banks
0Only Banking Business,
1Banking & Foreign Exchange Business,
2Administration, Banking & Foreign Exchange Business,
3Administration & Banking Business,
4Administration & Foreign Exchange Business,
5Only Foreign Exchange Business,
6Only Administration / Training / etc.
7Non-Scheduled Banks doing Banking Business,
I. Authorised Dealer(AD) Branches:
Branches of banks authorised to deal in foreign exchange business. Authorised Dealer Category (AD-Category):
AMaintaining Independent Foreign Currency (FC) Accounts
BMaintaining FC A/Cs. through H.O. Or any other Link Office
CHandling Forex through A Or B Category Office
J. District-wise list
District-wise list of branches/offices are based on latest available information on districts, inclusive of details available on formation/re-organisation of districts.

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