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Name: Rajeev Kapadia
Interview date: 16/05/15
Venue: SBI Admin Office , Worli, Mumbai...
Time: 12.00pm

Though the time was 12.00 pm...they called me up a day before..and asked to report around 10.30 am
Hot Sunny Day..:-(  and due to traffic I reached at 10.50...even if you reach at 11 its not a problem.

So I finally landed outside the venue.. it was a 4-5 mins walk..and reached the destination building...after Reaching they told me to Go in the conference room...a very big room it was..:-D As if it is for board meets..:-)

Verification People were from HR DEPT..

2 people...very Friendly they we're..

The verification completed soon..

then all were waiting and waiting..:-( :-p

Lunch time passed by..No Food in my stomach.. All Aspirants were also hungry..

Advise to all having interview at eat food by managing your time...canteen food is Awesome there..:-) and then go for interview...

( I Didn't have the opportunity to eat before the interview..went in the room with full hunger)

 Finally my turn came..4th last to be interviewed in my panel..

Entered the room at around 2.40..

Panel - 4M 1F...All 50+ age..

All of them were cordial people...

Interview Started..

As I Have A Strong Academic Past..Questions were of a Good Level..

Everything asked from bio data form only..luckily I wasn't grilled with Gk questions except a few like GST..

Following Quests We're Asked..
  • Introduction...
  • Education backgrnd..
  • Family backgrnd..
  • What are Ratios..4-5 Ratio Formulas asked
  • Trend analysis...
  • Micro economics..
  • Macro economics..
  • Corporate tax..
  • Income tax..
  • Which tax has highest share in revenue fr govt..
  • Banking final accounts..
  • Company final accounts..
  • Difference b/w both final accounts...
  • Regulators of both of them
  • When was the first test match played in the world...which year..which teams...
  • Swimming champ..pool Size..
  • What qualities u have so that we select u...
  • Which bank u have account in...
  • Tax slabs..
  • How can savings be channelized to convert it into capital from nation pnt f view...
  • Saving instruments...
  • Max returns on which instruments..
  • Other savings offers avlbl in post offices..
  • Goods and service tax..which taxes are replaced by it good or bad for a state to implement GST..(Think from consumer pt of view..and ans..)
  • What is hypothecation and mortgage and diff between them..

This ends the interview..Interview was good Overall..

Panel Was Calm...they Dint Stress much..:-)

I said Thank you Very Much To all and Left the Room...:-)

Advise: Stay Calm...don't Worry too much...
Go thru Each and every Hobby u have mentioned..Google it in detail...
Be thorough wid ur Subjects if ur past acads are Strong...
I Had a 83% In HSC..and 81% in Grads..
so I was asked such good Questions from education background...:-)

All The Very Best To All the Aspirants..:-)

All the Best Rajeev Kapadia :))

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