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Docs verification done by 10:30
(Don't wory abt docs verification if u have all docs with u. Keep all ur docs, 10 upward, serious abt obc certificate, 2 character certificates, take ur all Xeroxes with self attested, although they demand sem/yearwise of Graduation but consolidated also work. Taking Xeroxes of C.C, if any doc unavailable they demanding Application/undertaking/ reshedule intrv  according to seriousness)
SBI pll are cooperative :) :)
My turn came at 11:30 Am for intrv.
Many candidates are so tense & serious. But I was cool :p to avoid any nervousness.
There was total 5 ppl in panel, 4male & 1Female(old but smile face)
they arrange candidate seat in mid( to check ur confidence level that how u fill there )

Me: Excused me sir, may I come in plz!
M1: come in and shut down door.
Me: Good morning mam & good morning sirs(with Broad smile :), may I take seat sir.
M1: Yes, take seat. Mr. Manish u r from xyz place hmm, why u r here what u doing here ?
Me: I told my situation in brief and told that I'm here with my family.
M1: u did ur 10th in this year, 12 in this, grd in this( he was traping me and verifying me due to some gap in b/w) they asks me sequence wise what u did till now. I said and explained.
(Sm time convinced & sm tym not, so interfare in b/w)
M1: what u read for intrv.
Me: GA, GK, current afr. Banking & finance basic.
M1: what is cash flow, what is financial statements, kind of financial statements?
Me: answered all but perhaps not satisfied for cash flow rest was okay.
(All others members were watching closely )
turn to M2,
M2: again little on financial statement, why comp declare this ? What include in that.... ?
Me: I explain it in details with example(convinced).
M2: What all banking acts. Tell us some acts for bank.
Me : list out some acts like banking regulation act, negotiable instruments act, AML act, sarfaeci act, Nationalization etc....

M2: fine, tell me abt negotiable instruments. What comes in this ?, some uses also.
Me: told( some cross questions also)
M2: what cheque state ? What is general crossing?, special crossing?, why all these? more & more questions on Cheque and instruments.
Me: explain all these(all corrects but on some he give me extra knowledge)
M3: Tell me about ur native, what is famous there ?
Me: told with confidence apx 2 minutes.
M3: what u think ganga cleaning would be possible?
Me: I told yes, various schemes& plans would be work, if people cooperate, awareness n political vigour  needed to accomplish this. & we r optimistic on this.
M3: Tell me other government schemes ?
Me: told, started with SwachBharat....
M3: How u contributing in swachbharat abhiyan ?
Me: told. Listout some my stuff and told that if every one dont spread dirt then this is not big deal. Good perception required.
F1: OK Manish tell me what is bearer cheque? Why this ?
Me: sorry mam I don't knw exact abt this. I will update my knowledge.
F1: No prob(with smile)
F1: Different b/w cheque & draft ?
Me: told.
F1: Why draft needed who issue some more questions abt draft & cheque?
Me: told & convinced her(She always smiling and giving +ve energy :p:p)
M4: Tell me abt ur state ? &Abt Karnataka ? CM of both states ?
Me: told.
M4: Who were other past cm of ur state? Tell me current to formers.
Me: list out some names.
M4: Who is better & why ?
Me: told.
F1: Do u knw Kannada local languages?
Me: I'm learning. I can read & write slowly. ...
M4&f1 : Read some lines of this news paper.
Me: I started to read, I read 2 words but interfered by f1: OK read other paragraph headline)
Me : read other 1 word.
F1: OK Manish leave this.
(I'm not getting either they convinced or not)
M2: OK tell me what ur other family members do ? Where they work?
Me: told in one line.
M1: OK Mr. Manish u can go now.
Me: This was nice conversion sir.
Thank you sirs, thank you mam. Have a nice day.
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