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My interview experience ( fully gk , history and current affairs )  Time :12 noon Venue : jodhpur , Rajasthan  M1 you done your education at ur hometown then how will u manage outside ?  My ans: sir I travelled so many places from outsidey Gujarat, south..  M1 frequently quests asked , which places u visited .. My ans : mention all M1: asked about poster advertising of ministers , whose poster can be printed for advertisement ( becoz I won first prize in poster making event ) My ans..: told two name ( pm and president ) one name I forgot .. Then M 1 said answer - chief justice. ( some crosse questions about the issues of advertisement ...I answered all M1. Many Questions asked from my hobby  My answer : l replied well and finally he give good response for my answer.  M1 : when yoga day celebrate ?how this yoga day made ? My answer - 21 June yoga day.. And I give reason also. M2 : asked my name meaning --- I answered  M2: (asked question from south ) in south there is a union territory.  My answer : puducherry  M2 : questions from pucherry related asram ,, (I said sorry sir.. ) M2. Who is arbindo ?  Answer : sir I listened his name but I am sorry , I am not able to recollect it . M2: who arundhati Roy ( not answered )  M2: asked about sabarmati river in Gujarat  My answer related to current affairs but he wanted history of sabarmati ..I answered closed about history ( related to mahatma Gandhi ) M2 not properly satisfied . he said its k. F: what is e- commerce  I answered...  F: name some e- commerce company . I answered  F: top ecommerce company( I said India's ecommerce company flipkart.) Then she asked world 's top ecommerce company ( I forgot name of top ecommerce company ) F: what is LAL PAL BAL ? I answered two name only( lal & bal ) ( pal meaning I forgot that time) F: 5 sept celebrate as ? My answer : teachers day  F: why this day is celebrate ? I answered : birthday of Dr. Sarav pali radhakrishanan. F: who is radhakrishanan ( my answrr is wrong this time but she didn't react ) M3 ( Punjabi sir ) : who is railway minister of India ? My answer : Mr. Suresh Prabhu  M3 : he made one kayakalp institute ( exactly not remember what he said ) . who is head of kayakalp ? My answer: ratan tata M3: he said good... Then he asked about south river  My answer : Krishna river ( vijayavada ) ( but he was wanted to listen other name ) I said godavari ( M3 satisfied with answer ) M3 : b.r. ambedkar changed his religion and accept budh religion where he were changed religion? My answer: sorry sir , I never listened that Dr. B.r. ambedkar changed his religion .  M3 : if u didnt listen then OK , M1 said your interview is over ....  Then M2 interrupt and said ur way of communication is similar to south Indian ( becoz m visited south 4 times for max stayed )and your English is also good .  I said yes sir , becoz i visit south mostly and I am very interested to communicate with diferent state people and learn their languages ....  M2 : good .  Overall interview is good for me.

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