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Directions 74-80: In each of these items in this section there is a sentence of which some parts have been jumbled up. You are required to rearrange these parts which are labelled P,Q,R and S,  to produce the correct sentence and mark in you Answer Sheet accordingly.
74. When the car passed by he threw a stone/raising dust in the road /with all his might and
                                                        P                              Q                                R                                   
       hit the man who was driving it
       The proper sequence should be:
       (A)   P   Q   R   S     (B)   Q   P   R   S     (C)   R   P   Q   S      (D)   R   P   S   Q
75. A moment comes/ when we step out from the old to the new/which comes but rarely in
                                                                    P                                                     Q                                                      
      in history/and when the soul of a nation/long suppressed, finds utterance
                                             R                                            S
      The proper sequence should be:
       (A)   Q   P   R   S     (B)   P   R   S   Q     (C)   Q   R   S   P     (D)   R   S   Q   P
76. She has a blind belief that inside the bad/two or three other children/there were perhaps/
                                                                                          P                                        Q
      which the big man carried/like herself
                        R                                S
       The proper sequence should be:
       (A)   Q   R   P   S      (B)   Q   P   S   R     (C)   R   Q   S   P     (D)   R   Q   P   S
77. He approached the teacher at school/to know/in his studies/how his son was getting on
                                                        P             Q               R                           S
      The proper sequence should be:
        (A)   P   Q   R   S     (B)   P   Q   S   R     (C)   Q   S   R   P     (D)   Q   S   P   R
78. I was so angry that if/I has met him in the street/and not waited to ask him/why he had
                                                           P                                           Q                             R
      written me an insulting letter/I would have knocked him down
       The proper sequence should be:
         (A)   P   S   Q   R     (B)   P   Q   R   S     (C)   S   Q   R   P     (D)   R   S   Q   P
79. On the contrary,/about family planning and its benefits/to all citizens/the Government
                                                              P                                            Q                         R
      wants/to provide information and education.
      The proper sequence should be:
       (A)   R   Q   S   P     (B)   S   P   Q   R     (C)   R   S   P   Q     (D)   Q   P   R   S
80. In spite of/the poor and hungry people/made by medical sciences/the extraordinary
                                             P                                         Q                                    R                      
      progression/often die
      The proper sequence should be:

       (A)   R   P   S   Q     (B)   R   Q   S   Q     (C)   P   Q   S   R     (D)   R   S   P   Q

)       74. (B)       75. (A)       76. (D)       77. (B)       78. (B)       79. (C)       80. (B)        

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